Grover smells like a monster or does he? It’s a spoof off the Old Spice ads.

Joel Burns, a Fort Worth city councilman, uses his time at a meeting to tell gay teens that “It gets better.” This one has made the tv news so I won’t go into it much except to say it tug at my heartstrings and is so heartfelt. I hope someone hears it.

New York Governor David Patterson tells us “It gets better” But wait, this one is awesome in a way that some of the others. He was the only African American in some of his classes. He was the only legally blind person in his school. At some point, he got so frustrated with the teachers not doing anything. “I hit a kid in the face with a lunch box. And you know something, even forty years later, I’m not sorry.” That’s right!! Totally awsome!!

Okay I am in LOVE with these “IT Gets better” videos. Here’s one with Tim Gunn where he admits he attempted suicide when he was 17.