My name is Melissa. I was born in Arkansas, then I moved to the East coast (Washington DC), and then i moved back again. I stayed in DC long enough to have reverse culture shock when I came back.


I am an attorney and the above is a picture from my law school graduation. The fascinating part of this picture is that I’m 5’10” and was wearing 3 inch heels. Ms. Reno was wearing flats. Yeah, that’s a tall woman.

Me in Kenya (1994)

I even went to Kenya to help build a school with some college classmates of mine. I am really proud of this achievement and am hoping to go back to Africa in the somewhat near future. [this was written on 1/1/2011]

I like running, movies, books, goofiness, opera, piano playing, tasty food, yoga. and posting random stuff on this blog.

I hate snobbery, elitism, iceberg lettuce, boiled okra (it looks like boggers), screeching tires, and bullying.