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Month: March 2011

R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

George: You’re a monster – You are.
Martha: I’m loud and I’m vulgar, and I wear the pants in the house because somebody’s got to, but I am not a monster. I’m not.
George: You’re a spoiled, self-indulgent, willful, dirty-minded, liquor-ridden…
Martha: SNAP! It went SNAP! I’m not gonna try to get through to you any more. There was a second back there, yeah, there was a second, just a second when I could have gotten through to you, when maybe we could have cut through all this, this CRAP. But it’s past, and I’m not gonna try.

from Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
I learned this morning that Elizabeth Taylor died. While at the age of 79, she was old enough to go and with her myriad of health problems, she was definitely sick enough to go. It still took my breath away.

She was stunning and had hypnotic violet eyes. She was incredibly brave. She was brave enough to get married eight times, able to pick herself up after each heartbreak to try again. She had a myriad of health problems and yet kept going out to keep acting and raising money for AIDS research. She managed to amass an amazing amount of wealth and yet spent her time tirelessly raising money for AIDS research instead of fading into the life of a socialite.

She looked like an angel but could drink and curse like a devil. She was thin. She gained weight and she lost it again. She did so many things. She will be missed.

(small thanks to Bellesouth for finding this video first)

Friday Five

Here’s a random spattering of topics for your amusement.

  1. Drink your milk. Eat your cheese. Don’t eat up like these! My father got his last staples removed from his leg surgery. He fell down on some slick mud. Yeah, that’s right. I said “slick mud.” He had surgery two weeks ago. On Wednesday, my grandmother fell down and broke her femur in multiple places. She had surgery on her leg as well. So far so good. I hope you can’t overdose on calcium.
  2. I don’t know how I found this but here it is. Veronica Mars Season 4.

    I am a squeeing fangirl over here. Apparently, this is the footage that Rob Thomas made and showed to the network in a last ditch effort to convince them not to cancel the show. It’s a couple of years later and Veronica is in the FBI. Rob THomas has stated that if he does a Veronica Mars movie that she will not be in the FBI. I want a Veronica Mars movie, dammit! You have no idea how much I love this show.

  3. Keelber Coconut Dreams really do taste like Girl Scout Samoas cookies. WOWZA
  4. I think I’m going to do a long run of six miles or more every weekend.
  5. I love Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters coming! Too much excitement! Too much excitement!

2011 Little Half Marathon recap

Winner Winner Chicken dinner

Well I did it again. This is my third Little Rock half marathon finish. I knew what to expect out of this race as far as the route and the number of people. This year was different in that it was expected to be a lot colder than the previous two years. Also, I managed to procrastinate and didn’t get a hotel close to the race route. This put me in a position where I would have to either drive or use the hotel shuttle and hope it gets me there in a timely manner. Also this year, the race was four days after my father’s leg surgery and so my mother would not be attending with me. This put an end to what was becoming a family tradition. Who am I kidding? She’ll be back next year.

The expo seemed smaller than previous years. I’m not sure if there were less vendors or if the huge display at the front took up so much space. I did manage to get a new headband to keep my ears warm. It says “Will Run for Margaritas” I am a big believer in truth in advertising. I talked to my friends at Go Running!. Then I spend 5 dollars to spend seven minutes in the Aqua Massager.

The Aqua massager was interesting. You place yourself on a table face down with a whole to put your face through to breath. They put a top on top of you similar to a tanning bed but instead of light it squirts water. There is a plastic lining that is against your back. The water then shoots down on your back in a forceful spray similar to the type of “shower massage” you find on some of the fancier showerheads. Although you don’t get wet. The water shoots in a horizontal line that goes up and down your backside from your neck to your feet and back up to your neck again. It was relaxing but a little rough on my neck. Maybe I should have scooted up. I also could definitely tell how tight my quads were after getting off that thing.

I carboloaded with my friends Rebecca, John, and Sophie (aka the most awesome six year old in the world!) at Lily’s Dim Sum, Then Some. Cold Sesame Noodles are carbs. Yes they are. I also had the Dim Sum platter with all of the different Dim Sum that they offer: Chinese potstickers; Wasabi Pork Shaw Mai, Shrimp Dumplings, and Vegetable Goyoza. It’s meant for two people but I was eating it as dinner. GOOD!


I woke up at 4:30 with some weird soreness in my left glute. I was worried and PISSED. It’s four thirty in the fucking morning on race day. What the hell?! I finally went back to sleep but it wasn’t restful. I woke up with my alarm and I didn’t quite know where I was. I had a weird dream but I don’t remember enough of the details to recall it down. I just remember being very confused. I brushed my hair and put it into a ponytail. SNAP! It broke. Wait. I haven’t run without my hair in a ponytail. I am frantically searching through my bag. No ponytail holder. I am searching through the suitcase. I am searching through the little bag that had my toothpaste and other toiletries. Still no ponytail holder. Houston, we have a problem.

This was a big deal. Running is more mental than anything and that swinging hair was really going to mess with my concentration. I ate French Toast at the hotel and then drove myself to Walgreens. Then I drove myself to the race site. WEll to Heifer International which was semi-close to the race site.

My lower back was hurting. I had to use the restroom. I stood in line for what seemed like a thousand years to use a porta potty. Then I noticed the massage therapists. The line was short. Hell yeah, I took part in that perk. Whatever he did, the therapist got that kink in my back out just in time for me to make it to the “open corral” in the back. By that point, the race had already started and I started walking forward to the starting line.


I used Runkeeper to keep myself with intervals of 45 seconds of running and one minute thirty seconds of walking. The first four miles were faster than any of my training runs previously but I felt good so I didn’t even attempt to slow down. I could tell by the log that I was slowing down slightly but I still felt pretty good until about mile 7. Then I got tired. The incline towards the capitol wasn’t pleasant.

Mile 9 in front of the First United Methodist Church of Little Rock was my last hurrah. The steep elevation to the Governor’s Mansion was a killer. Then right after that, my cell phone that I was using for my background music (via Pandora) and my “running coach” died. Well, the battery was out. I knew that there was no way to beat my personal best and no way to do worse than my worst time unless I crawled so I just walked the rest. I didn’t pay attention to pace. I attempted to jog one last time near Vino’s at Mile 11 1/2 but my quad trembled and Isaid “Okay leg, you win.” I continued to walk the rest of the way.

My 10K time was 1:44:14 which was recorded as a pace of 16:47. My Run keeper stopped at distance 10:24 miles with a time 2:54:20 and a pace of 17:01. My finish time was 3:56:47 with a pace of 18:05. Not my best but not my worst. Overall, it was a fun race. No particular bad pain but a nice journey.

I got my medal. I didn’t see anyone I knew by this point. Most of them had finished earlier and were long gone. I started to wait for another massage but for whatever reason, this year, you had to stand in line to wait for one. Screw that. I went back to my hotel and went to bed for a nap.

Review: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Battle Hymn of the Tiger MotherBattle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What does it mean to be a good parent? What are the goals of child rearing? Amy Chua tackles these questions in this funny autobiographical tale of raising her own two children “the Chinese way”: no playdates, nothing less than an A, three hour practice sessions on either the piano or violin, etc.

The youngest daughter is headstrong and fights her mother every step of the way. The oldest daughter is not.

This book gave me a lot to consider about the influence of culture, the strength of children, and the possibility of a “proper” way to raise a child. It was very thought provoking.

IT’s also funny.

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The waiting

IT turns out that my father had indeed broken his leg. He broke his tibia near his knee. He had to have surgery with a metal plate and screwss and a whole lot of other things. His surgery was scheduled for Wednesday morning. He and Mom stayed the night in a nearby hotel. I was in Little Rock on business anyway. I met them for dinner and took Dad to Damgoode pies. He asked for spaghetti and meatballs but he also wanted somewhere close to the hospital.

He was told to not eat or drink anything after eight o’clock so there was this sense of urgency on whether the food would come out in time to eat it. There was this palpable sense that this was the last of something. I have no idea if 10 minutes would make a big difference but the doctors told them that if he ate something after eight, they wouldn’t do the surgery so they were very persnickety and nervous about the time limit.

Even though the meal wasn’t that long ago, I remember it with a vividness that tells me that I will remember the evening for quite a while. There was a sense that things will be different after this. They will. Dad will be in a brace for ten weeks. The surgery might not work one hundred percent and he could be put on disability. His surgery went seemlessly. The doctor had another emergency. They waited all day to see if he would be checked out today or tomorrow. He’s coming home tomorrow. THen it’s more waiting to see how he heals up.

So much unknown.

Oh and watch this video made by the GW Law Revue. They are some funny kids.

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