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Best Picture celebrating Obama's win EVER

Okay maybe not ever.

But how do I love thee, let me count the ways.

My life in list form

  1. Thursday, Breezy, the best dog in the word ™, came to my house for me to puppysit while my grandmother is living it up in Vegas. She will be here all week. Let the good times roll.
  2. I keep drafting this magnum, literary opus about my volunteer work on election day complete with voter intimidation and watching the historic event of the first African American man being elected president in the town known for being the last lynching in Missouri. There’s something surreal about that.
  3. My Aunt Reba died Thursday night. My Mother and she were very close. It’s a little off that she’s not here. Then again, Reba loved to have fun and would probably won’t my Mother who is the person who is always there when someone needs her to cut loose every once in a while.
  4. We heard rumors that they were going to a male strip club. The next day, they told us it was just rumors. I’m disappointed. The mental picture of my mother and grandmother in a Chippendale’s has provided MUCHO GUSTO LAUGH— errro??? Laughing my ass clean off. Yes I am.
  5. According to my Mama, My Dad told her she couldn’t go see men stripping. Uh huh, old school husbandry. And people wonder why I’m not married.
  6. Of course, then my Mama immediately said that if she really wanted to go to a strip club, she would have gone anyway. Ah yeah quiet rebellion, that’s my MAMA.
  7. Voting Rights team represent.

    This is the front of my “voter protection team” t-shirt provided by the Obama campaign.

  8. Yeah the voter protection team got their own shirts

    This is the back of the “Voter Protection Team” shirt. IT says “Voting Questions? Ask me!” yeah I’m the shiznit.

  9. Of course, Obama wants to know about this blog if I have any chance of working in his administration. Oops maybe I shouldn’t have written that open letter to the ex boyfriend from Hades… NAH! It was worth it. bwahahahahahhaha.
  10. The polling place was a combination police and fire station. They decided to have a training exercise and close half the parking lot. Of course, they decided to do this on election day. Of course, this particular polling place was the “black part” of town. Of course, there are two other fire/police stations in this town. And Of course, there were police barricades.
  11. NO really. I am serious. Here’s a picture!


  12. The county clerk came and opened the industrial strength can of whoop ass and that training exercise was closed down and the parking lot was opened up in less than 30 minutes. Democracy in action people
  13. My dinner from Lambert's Cafe.

    This is the chicken fried round steak platter from Lambert’s Cafe. Since it was world famous, I figured I had better go. I mean if you go to Orlando and not step foot in Disneyworld . . . it seems sort of wrong.

  14. Today was Aunt Reba’s funeral. It was a small and cute funeral. It was also about a month from the day that her son, Rick died. It’s weird how that works out.
  15. It’s also weird that my Aunt Janice, who lives in Florida and calls me maybe twice a year called me the day before she died. My Mom told her about Reba and that she was in awful shape and she was able to make the funeral. How weird is that?
  16. I bought some new running shoes and a reflecting vest. Oh and body glide. I can’t forget the body glide. It’s the best stuff ever. Prevents fat lady thigh rubbing friction burn. (if you’re fat enough, you know what I”m talking about) I am training for the Little Rock Marathon in earnest. I’m scared, though.
  17. I am embarrassed at some of the provincial, racist attitudes that have gushed forth from some of my friends, family, and neighbors since Barack Obama has been elected president. Completely embarrassed. And no, he has never said he was going to take your guns away.
  18. I met a writer at Reba’s funeral. Well she has a day job as an English teacher but she writes novels. She’s trying to find an agent. Her favorite author is Earnest Hemingway. Sometimes it feels good to be able to talk somebody who likes to read books.

I love this

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

Stumping for Obama


Last weekend, I went to Kennett, Missouri to volunteer for the Obama campaign. As you can see from the picture, Kennett is the hometown of Sheryl Crow. It has eleven thousand people in it and is surrounded by cotton fields.

Then I arrived at the Democratic party/Obama headquarters in Kennett. Look it’s a cute little house.

I, along with 7 other people from Arkansas who I had not met before, were sent on the streets to canvass (knock on doors of strangers and speak to them personally).

We each got a list of addresses and a map of our “turf” and away we go.  We went in groups of two and one person got the even numbered houses on the turf streets and the other person got the odd numbered houses on the same streets.  If you did it right, both of would be walking on the same street with one person on the right side and the other person on the left side.

That night when it was too late to knock on stranger’s doors without getting shot, we went out to eat at Porky’s Rib Ranch and Pizza place.

Yes kids. It is one restaurant. Oh it is a dive but complete with pig memorabilia everywhere.  This place the usual BBQ and the usual pizza with a “BBQ” pizza added for good measure but one of most intriguing things on the menu was something called the “Omar salad”

Of course, one of my companions (and salad lover) had to ask what was in this salad.  The answer, as I recall, is lettuce, bacon, onion, cucumbers, pineapple, mandarin oranges, and maybe chicken and tomatoes.

I have no idea why it is called an “Omar salad” either.

The next day, we went to a neighboring town called “Senath” and canvassed that area as well.  They are really into Breast Cancer awareness.  This town was tiny.

Then it was done.  Canvassing completed.

I then took the opportunity to meet up with my friend Kevin who lives across the line in Tennessee.  Kevin is the bees knees.  He has some stories to tell. We went to this Mexican place that was very tasty and whose name I have forgotten. Oops. Then we went to bar having karaoke Sunday. OH the drama.  As I was leaving, I was kidding him about his constant mentioning of Applebee’s when we were making plans on the phone. He said “well it was the only place that I knew served beer.”  See when I emailed him when I knew I was going to be in the area, I wrote “do you want to grab a beer” Obviously, he took my request very seriously and was busting his hump trying to make sure I received a beer.  Y’all I was touched. TOUCHED.  *sniff*

Political videos galore!

This first video is a spot to oppose Act 1. Act 1 wants to ban anyone from adopting or being a foster parent who is ” cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage which is valid under the constitution and laws of this state.” This means if you are living in sin (or gay) you’re not adopting any kids. There are several of my college classmates in this video.

This one is from these guys. It’s a little message to Sarah Palin and her pro life, “even rape victims shouldn’t get abortions stance”

Here is the transcript:

I was raped. And then I got pregnant. Sarah Palin believes that the Government should be able to force me to carry the pregnancy to term.

Sarah Palin believes that the Government should make that choice, not me.

Governor Palin, I didn’t have a choice about being raped. But I should have a choice about this.

Yeah it’s hard to say no to a crying rape victim. Woah. Pull at the heartstrings.

This is the crazy racism that is seen at McCain/Palin rallies. Of course, this particular video is from Al Jazeera.

Hillary Rodham Clinton…. last Friday

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Originally uploaded by mesawyou

Last Friday at 5:00, I was on the steps of the state capital awaiting the arrival of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was set to speak at a rally on the steps and then go to a big fancy pants thousand dollars a plate fundraising dinner for Barak Obama.

There were lots of other “fancy pants” people there including Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson (hey Hollywood fancy pants), Marion Berry, Vic Snyder, Blanche Lincoln, Mike Beebe, Wesley Clark, and David Pryor.

Of course, being politicians, they all had to get on the podium and say something. The formula is fairly simple: say something good about Arkansas, say something good about yourself, say something good about Hillary, say something bad about McCain, and say something good about Obama and how that good directly contradicts the bad about McCain. Therefore, to save the world from destruction, you have to get all your friends to vote for Obama.

Yes there is the political rally in one simple paragraph.

My one and only complaint about this and every other rally or rock concert in Arkansas. The idea of personal space. Seriously, people expect to have three feet of space between themselves and the other people in the crowd. Honey, if you smell that bad, people are going to smell you even if you stand a hundred and three feet away from them. Sheesh.

What year is it anyway?

Calling a black Presidential candidate “THAT ONE”

Telling a black soundman to “sit down boy”

Shouting to kill Obama because he’s a terrorist.

People who point blank say “I’m not voting for Barak Obama because of his race.”

This is embarassing.

I love me some Tina Fey.

This is almost as funny as the real debate. No really

Public Service announcement

This is a public service announcement about voting created by Leonardo di Caprio and a bunch of his celebrity friends. No matter what your political leanings, it is definitely something to watch.

Hard week

May you live in interesting times—alleged Chinese proverb

These past couple of weeks have been crazy. Work has been crazy. The economy is going crazy.

I got to see the first Presidential debate. I went to a debate watch party and ate snacks with friends and strangers while watching the debate on a big screen TV. That was a lot of fun.

I am running in Race for the Cure and the Mud Run.

Also, work sucks.

So that’s why I don’t have any “quality” blog posting going on over here.

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