This first video is a spot to oppose Act 1. Act 1 wants to ban anyone from adopting or being a foster parent who is ” cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage which is valid under the constitution and laws of this state.” This means if you are living in sin (or gay) you’re not adopting any kids. There are several of my college classmates in this video.

This one is from these guys. It’s a little message to Sarah Palin and her pro life, “even rape victims shouldn’t get abortions stance”

Here is the transcript:

I was raped. And then I got pregnant. Sarah Palin believes that the Government should be able to force me to carry the pregnancy to term.

Sarah Palin believes that the Government should make that choice, not me.

Governor Palin, I didn’t have a choice about being raped. But I should have a choice about this.

Yeah it’s hard to say no to a crying rape victim. Woah. Pull at the heartstrings.

This is the crazy racism that is seen at McCain/Palin rallies. Of course, this particular video is from Al Jazeera.