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Things I learned this Thanksgiving

Chandler Bing and I have the same attitude about Thanksgiving. We would like to avoid it because we associate it with shittastic things. So usually around this time of the year, I’m anxious, having nightmares, and am just a moody pain in the ass. Oh and my Dad’s side of the family isn’t really close so it just adds to the drama.

But this year wasn’t so bad. Mainly because this year there was no pretext of having my father’s side of the family get together. Okay in a way that is sad, but seriously, SO MUCH ANGST AND DRAMA was avoided. Yes. I mean if you live in the same town as people and they can’t be bothered to contact you and hang out with you AND they talk shit behind your back (and occasionally to your face), then they’re not really people who like or love you very much.


It was all good. Here are the things I learned.

  1. Having a double whammy fluid behind the ear and swimmer’s ear in the same ear is one of the seven circles of hell. It hurt. It made it hard to sleep. Then when I finally got so exhausted I couldn’t take it anymore, I would manage to pass out. It’s better now. They still feel weird. I might have to go back.
  2. Family is the people who love you and not necessarily the people who are your grandparents’ children and grandchildren. BUDDHA CAT FOREVERZ!
  3. Sometimes things work out the way they should instead of how you predict
  4. I am able to cook something that is tasty and won’t cause food poisoning. WOO! I made Pioneer Woman’s Macaroni and Cheese. I altered it slightly. I used penne pasta instead of macaroni. I also used half sharp cheddar and half a cheddar/Monterey Jack blend. Other than that, it was just like the recipe. Here is a picture cheese
  5. Cats go batshit crazy over Christmas trees


  1. Things I hate: Thanksgiving. Christmas. My family.
    I feel your pain. I ended up skipping the family Thanksgiving in order to avoid drama as well. As a rebuttal, my grandmother canceled Christmas. So I guess there goes that headache too.
    Can it be January yet?

  2. melissa

    December 1, 2010 at 2:10 am

    DAYUM Kelli, that is horrible. It does provide funny fodder for fiction loosely based on real events after they die and can’t sue you. 😉

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