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Wordless Wednesday: It is so on

The local gym has Kettlebell classes for 2 dollars a classes provided you bring your own kettlebell. Wobbly arms, you are gone.

Holidailies 2011

Shoes shoes shoes

I said I would give workout updates and so here I am. I ran on the 4th and it was the first time I had done any running in 2011. I didn’t do much running in December due to some illness so it was hard. Then I went to get some new running shoes.

This time I went to Go! Running in Little Rock. The nice salesperson had me take off my shoes, roll up my socks, and walk back and forth in the store. If you go to a store for the first time to buy running shoes and you are not asked to do this, turn right around and leave the store. This is very important. They do this to check on pronation. When you walk or run, your foot hits the outer edge of the first and rolls in a little bit towards the arch. This is how you are able to walk with an arch. It is supposed to be slight but if you roll in a lot, you “overpronate.” Overpronation is common for people with flat arches. If your foot rolls outward, then you underpronate. Running shoes are designed to deal with these various types of ankle movements.

I overpronate quite a bit. For the past couple of years, I have been running in Brooks Ariel. It is has been a pretty good shoe for me. This time, the people at Go! Running gave me a pair of Ariels and then gave me a pair of Asics Gel Foundation 9 (see picture below). I tried both and jogged a little bit. The Asics were a little bouncier and tighter in the heel area. I always had to tie the ARiels pretty tight so that my ankle wouldn’t feel like they were slipping.

I have since went out with my new shoes twice. I also wore them with a new pair of running socks. The bounce definitely made a difference. I didn’t feel the slipping anymore. I did, however, get a blister on the ball of my foot the first time I went out in them. The second time I didn’t.

Both the times I ran on the side of the road and I seemed to notice the slope more than I have but I am not sure if that is the shoes or the fact that it had been over a month since I ran.

Given the big adjustment, I am going to keep my shoes.


My running shoes

Here’s a little video of Dr. Oz talking about weight loss.

I covet this

I love yoga. Back in the day, I would take yoga classes at this place in DC. Of course, I move back and NO YOGA. I managed to find this VHS tape called MTV Yoga. It’s a very good basic yoga workout.

Of course, my vhs player is kaput.

Fitness and other craziness.

It’s amazing how the minute you commit to posting daily on your blog that life will suddenly get a lot busier so that you’re too busy living to write all the time.

I have made a new commitment to fitness. I am by all accounts fat. Back in the day (like high school and college), I was a “normal” weight so I’ve not always been fat and am definitely not accustomed to the sneers, snickering, and biases that fat people endure. To be fair, I’m not sure that anyone ever gets used to the abuse that people dish out towards the fat. People are MEAN! no wait.


to fat people.

Starting June 1st, I committed to doing 45 minutes of exercise a day with a day of rest. This means 6 days of exercise. I’ve been doing running every other day or 3 of the 6 days. The other three days are something else.

I finally did my initial push up challenge. I managed to push out 5. My arms and chest hate me now.

I haven’t done the sit up challenge. I keep doing other core exercises other than bonafide situps. I’m not sure what I want to do about that. I’ll probably do the set up test tomorrow.

I also found via this site, the 200 squat challenge today so I’m thinking I can try that as well.

I figure that running and doing the situp, push up, and squat challenges with some yoga would be something I can do this summer that will shape me up. I have found that I can’t eat heavy before running and somehow exercise makes me eat less. No really. I had a big lasagna dinner the first day I ran and threw up. Okay that was TMI but it happens.

So that’s what I’m doing this month.

30 day shred….

Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred

As far as my exercise routine goes, I don’t really have one. I run. I kept up with the half marathon schedule for the Little Rock Marathon most weeks and that was it. I had grand plans to do the 100 push up challenge or the 200 sit up challenge. Well, I slacked on those. So when I was in target and saw this DVD sitting near the Slumdog Millionaire, I picked it up.


Okay. This DVD has three different routines that are in levels of intensity. I did the lowest. It’s a 20 minute circuit training routine with a brief warm up, 3 minutes of strength, minutes of cardio and one minute of abs. Lather, rinse, repeat couple of times and then cool down. The strength training is compound training with squats and arm raises or lunges and bicep curls. Every minute counts and there is no resting. Since the circuits are so short, you can pull through them …. oh yeah I only got 30 more seconds. arghhghahghaghagh… yes I’m done. You will feel it the next day.

One reason I really like this DVD is because Jillian doesn’t pretend that exercise is all fun and that some day you are going to wake up and love this. No, she point blank tells you that you want to get in shape and you got to work to do it. So it’s motivating without that lying crap like when you go to the doctor and he says “this is only going to hurt a little” No she says, “feel that pain, that means you’re getting stronger”

So yeah you’ll feel shredded all right. Now I’m wondering where all my shredded fat goes. I guess Tyler Durden has it.

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