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Poor kitty

He got some sort of allergic reaction and bit the tip of his tail off. Well the skin off the tip of his tail. He was bleeding everywhere. IT was like a horror movie. He’s always been a little weird in that he would chase his tail and sometimes lightly bite it in a “I caught you” sort of way. This last week, however, he started growling at it and then he started biting it hard. Later, he came to sit in his usual place and his tail felt wet but I assumed he had knocked over the water bowl again. (he’s bad like that). Then when I went to the bathroom, it looked like I was at Carrie’s Prom.

It was scary! So much blood. Then I picked him up and looked at his tail and the tip was just blood. There was this little ball and then I watched as he BIT IT OFF!

Horror horror.

I took him to the vet and they said he had some allergic reaction. He got a shot and some antibiotics. If he keeps this up, they’re cutting his tail off.

I had never taken him outside so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. He cried and cried in his pet taxi as I carried him to the car. He cried a little bit more. He had pretty much calmed down by the time I got him to the vet. He didn’t hiss at the vet at all although it was very apparent he didn’t like getting his temperature taken. He meowed the most when they took him to another room without me to weigh him. He was all “meow meow meow” The vet nurse said my kitty had a nice talking voice and that he was the most talkative kitty she had ever seen.

Yeah he meows all the time. He recognizes his name and will usually meow in response to it if he’s not asleep or staring at a squirrel or another cat outside.

So he is better now and he is still snuggly wuggly. It may just be that he’s cold. He doesn’t really like his medicine but he doesn’t run away or try to beat me when I give him his drops. I found this new type of canned food that he adores. He eats it up so fast. It gives him the silent deadly farts from hades. ugh.

but my kitty is on his way to feeling better. (i hope. He really likes flailing his tail around).

Kitty update

After the whole kittens in a box debacle, my brother was so depressed that he went to the shelter and rescued this kitten. She’s a stunningly beautiful little kitty.

Buddha Butt.  Or Naomi Campbell

She likes to climb on things, including me. If she had her way, she would sit on my chest right below my neck fifty percent of the time. The other 50 percent would be a split between eating and drinking, sitting on the window sill looking out the window, and sleeping on this one particular pillow on one of the beds in the house.

I call her Buddha because when she climbs up that high and turns around her butt is literally in my face. I have said on more than one occasion, “get your buddha butt out of my face.” (because really anything three inches from your eyeball looks HUGE! at that angle). So then I just started calling her Buddha butt all the time. It got shortened to Buddha and now I have her a theme song to the tune of the Oklahoma “boomer Sooner” song. Yeah I’m weird.

New Kitty pictures


Funniest thing I've seen all month.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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From LOL CATS = I can haz cheesburger

No kitten left hungry.

My family grew up in a 100 year old two story house with a porch and a cellar. The porch was about 3 feet off the ground and as a result, there is about a one and a half foot space between the bottom of the house and the ground. This housed among other things, the heating and cooling system and some wiring. It also proved to be fertile ground for all the knocked up cats in the neighborhood to come and give birth to their broods.

Each time there was a cat hanging around the house, my brother would go outside with a bowl of water and a plate of food. In the beginning it was whatever leftovers he could scrounge up. Eventually, he began to buy some bonafide cat food.

Over the years, my brother has probably fed and housed close to a hundred cats and their kittens. Some made it to be inside pets but most just stayed outside until they got bored with us and moved on.

After last week’s box of kittens episode, my brother was so sad that he went to the shelter and adopted a gray kitten. She’s a little girl cat about a month old. He hasn’t named her yet.


My Niece cat

baby kitten


Kittens in a box.

Even though we washed their eyes, which were full of puss. (oh nasty) We bought kitten formula and little bottles. You can get them at Wal-Mart. We fed them every four hours but slowly throughout the day. They all died. They were all wheezing and full of goo. The last one sneezed and blood came of its nose. It was something they had when we found them that just got the better of their little kitten bodies.

Cat photos!

I love taking pictures. It’s fun to look at something and then capture it with a camera. Since digital makes taking multiple shots inexpensive, I have been fearless in my snapping abilities and have managed to get a decent eye for a good shot.

Tuffy of the jungle

This is my cat sitting in the front yard. Isn’t it awesome? I like how it’s all green foliage with my cat in the middle.

Kittens in a box.

These are some kittens found in a box in my parents old house. The house itself is empty except for boxes of stuff. They moved from a 2 story house with a lot of square feet to a fairly small one story house. I needed one of my old law textbooks and heard this loud cat noises and found these kittens in one of the empty boxes. They appeared to be days — maybe weeks old. A couple of them still had shut eyes. They appeared to be fed so I left them there and was going to check on them daily. The next day one of them was very weak. It died later that day. Today, there are only two left. They are with my brother now.

weirdest dream

I dreamed that I went to the screen door of my house and let my cats in. Unfortunately, there were three cats and I only had two. The third cat made it in the house and for whatever reason, I let it stay in. I then lied down to take a nap. Tuffy likes to sleep on an ottoman in the living room. Tiny likes to sleep with me. This other cat wanted to sleep on the bed too. They proceeded to get in a fight across my stomach. The other cat ended up scratching me on the face. I cursed and threw him outside.

Apparently, throwing this particular cat was the wrong thing to do because the next thing I know there is a multitude of hissing cats clawing their way through the screen door.

I try to scream but can’t.

Then there is a break and I’m asleep alone in another bed that isn’t mine. I’m in an appartment and I’m not on the first floor. Someone breaks in the window. I try to scream but can’t. This guy comes in my apartment. He then tries to smother me with my own pillow. I keep trying to scream but can’t.

I managed to wake myself up at the freakiness of it.

And now I am procrastinating going back to bed by farting around on the internet.

REUNITED! and it feels so good.

My sweet baby cats came home!

My wild crazy weekend

Last weekend, I had to make a business trip to Fort Smith to tend to some rather stressful business. Since I’ve never been to that part of the state and have tons of friends who live there, I thought I would make it a “big fun weekend” Okay to be fair, the stressful business was originally scheduled for Tuesday but God intervened with the big block of ice.

Anyway, away I go to Fort Smith on Friday. I don’t put enough money in the meter and get a parking ticket. SCORE!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get coordinated with friends via facebook from Kinko’s because I’ve never been to Fort Smith and don’t know any free wifi places.

I am supposed to meet up with Jennybee later that day. I’ve known Jennybee since high school, which was . . . TWO YEARS AGO! Yes. two years ago. Anyway, a lot has happened in those two years. We’ve dated some losers. Got married, divorced, moved to other states, moved back to Arkansas and a whole host of other things. Hey those were some busy years.

Well I was typing at Kinko’s and pop. There she is. I say “Hi Jennybee” and go back typing.

Yes I’m a dork like that. Then I got up and got all excited and we hugged and acted like 12 year old girls.

One of the fascinating things about seeing someone from your past is that you are instantly reminded of the person you used to be. You see how you’ve changed and how you haven’t.

I got the tour of the house and looked at the shelves and shelves of books and movies. I met the dog and the cat. Both were absolutely adorable. Of course, they loved me. The animals always love me. I emit a scent called “she who gives treats”

We ended up eating at Papa’s Pizza. (YUM!) and I finally met her husband Ben. Ben is a writer. He loves words. In fact, when I told him that Dork was a real word meaning Whale penis, he asked me if it was slang. (well looking it up, I find vulgar slang for “penis” Although someone who is not me at yahoo answers put that it meant whale penis as well. hrmm.) He is also perfect for my friend. Oh and he’s a beer aficionado.

There was eating and chatting. Then we went to their house and more chatting until I just popped out vegging in front of the TV.

The next day was scanning old pictures. More chatting and then they had to work and I had to go.

It was off to the Postsecret exhibit. There was still ice on the ground in Bentonville which was odd since I didn’t get ice at all. The roads were ice free

As I was driving to Bentonville, I got a call from Renee who was sick and would not be eating dinner with me. boo.

For some reason I didn’t take any pictures of the exhibit. I don’t remember a sign up saying that I couldn’t. It seemed a little intrusive to take pictures of these secrets even though they had already been posted up on the internet. They were still fascinating little bits of humanity hanging on a wall. It’s amazing how the adage that “the most personal is the most universal” seems to be true. There were secrets of fear, loss, shame, infidelity, and unmentioned crimes. No matter how odd and out of sync with the world you feel, you can find yourself somewhere in those postcards.

After that, it was a trip to SEPHORA. I love Sephora. It’s a store that sells nothing but beauty products. Yeah I know that I do not necessarily look like a person who would be all giggly over a beauty products store but I am. Sephora has testers of each and every product they sell. Oh the smelling and the testing. I had way too much fun testing lip gloss, tinted moisturizers, blush . . . you name it. I ended up getting the famous Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (the tinted style). Bellesouth did a review of that stuff and apparently, it does make your eyeshadow last all day.

After that I ended up making attempts to get in touch with Peter which failed and I ended up eating dinner at Doe’s Eat Place in Fayetteville alone. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would since I had so many plans to see so many people. The ice storm threw people for a loop and other people, like Ms. Bellesouth, already had plans for the weekend penciled in weeks in advance.

So it was a good trip. It was nice to know that some of the friends you make will last. Also, I’m stronger and more adventurous than I thought. I do eventually get over it, no matter what “it” is. I was pleased to learn that my Garmin does work and is quick to becoming the most prized possession in my car.

cuteness squared.

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