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Totally Awesome videos

Grover smells like a monster or does he? It’s a spoof off the Old Spice ads.

Joel Burns, a Fort Worth city councilman, uses his time at a meeting to tell gay teens that “It gets better.” This one has made the tv news so I won’t go into it much except to say it tug at my heartstrings and is so heartfelt. I hope someone hears it.

New York Governor David Patterson tells us “It gets better” But wait, this one is awesome in a way that some of the others. He was the only African American in some of his classes. He was the only legally blind person in his school. At some point, he got so frustrated with the teachers not doing anything. “I hit a kid in the face with a lunch box. And you know something, even forty years later, I’m not sorry.” That’s right!! Totally awsome!!

Okay I am in LOVE with these “IT Gets better” videos. Here’s one with Tim Gunn where he admits he attempted suicide when he was 17.


I am typing this from my phone because my internet is down and yet my brain is buzzing a mile a minute.

My life is in a complete transition. I am making arrangements to move out of the tiny town that I live in. Apparently, my moving away is threatening or alienating. I have talked to others in the same situation and it is not just me.

Also, I don’t have the right last name and the right Daddy. I haven’t seen a woman who is successful here without being married or born into the right family.

Frankly, I am not sure about all of the factors but I am tired of being the one to make the initiative all the damn time. And I am tired of the too cool for school cold should.

It is enough to zap the will to work hard and the will to try. I am sick of it. So I am working to change it.

I restarted Weight watchers. I did it almost 5years ago. I just started so we’ll see. I did a food diary and realized I stress eat a lot of junk. Junk. So I am cleaning up my diet. Oh and I am going to Zumba classes.

I still miss my friend. There is this bitter custody dispute her ex husband and her parents over the kids. I am not the attorney for either side nor should I be but there is this nagging feeling that I.should have done something. There are these lingering questions and I am hoping just hoping that nothing happens to those kids. Realistically there is nothing I can do. I need serenity or grace or something.

I need to let it go.

All of this change is intimidating and a little scary but I choose to be happy. All of this trying to fit in and get along with people who have no interest in having anything to do with me is not healthy. The ways I have been coping aren’t healthy either.


Do you know what lawyers love to talk about when they go on a retreat?

Restaurants, video games, and trashy TV.

G20 protest shenanigans.

You’re sexy
you’re Cute
take off your riot suit.

Now that’s a way to protest.

This makes me ridiculously happy

Fiona Apple released a new song. A NEW SONG!


"Come Have a Ball at Mike's"

It’s the 11th Annual Testicle Festival in Foreman, Arkansas.

I think that speaks for itself.



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You know you love this picture.

Happy Mother's Day..

I saw this video over at Damn You Little Rock

This one time at band camp….

Easter wrap up and family togetherness

My father is one of six siblings. His father is one of eight or nine siblings. My father’s mother is one of eight or ten siblings. Once upon a time, my Grandfather’s family and my Grandmother’s family were next door neighbors. They lived in the country. At some point, the families moved to town but the land and the farm house remained.

The Farm house

This was where my grandfather and grandmother would spend every summer in the blistering Arkansas heat without any electricity or any running water. Also, this served as a deer camp for the family. I have childhood memories of everybody coming to the place, hanging out, and waiting to hear tales of the “next buck.”

blowing bubbles

In the distance, you can see a barn. There was hay in the barn and it also held tractors and whatnot. Back in the day, there were a gazillion cats living in that barn. There was also a smokehouse to the left of this shot. There is also a chicken house.

chicken coop

This is the chicken house. My grandmother didn’t eat eggs from a store until well into old age.


Now one of my Dad’s sisters keeps her chickens out there.

The well

Of course, without running water, there is a well. This is ours.

farm house kitchen

In the kitchen, pretty much everything was just put on the wall. You can see the water pump which was installed at some point to bring in water.


She cooked with a wood burning stove. My Dad still gets a kick out of cooking on that thing when we come visit.


With no running water, there is also no toilets. This is the outhouse. Oh craziness. its’ behind the chicken yard and directly behind the chicken coop from the farm house. So technically, no one could see you even if you left the door open.

Easter lunch (potluck)

Now my father is one of six kids and that ends up being a lot of people for Easter. One of my Dad’s sisters had five kids of her own. The first one of those kids had three kids. Now the oldest one of those three kids has two kids. You can see where I’m going with this. It is absolute chaos. So each “BIG FAMILY” celebration is potluck. Each member of the family brings a dish. The sister who had no kids and hates to cook ends up bringing drinks and the plates and utensils. It ends up being a crazy time.

There’s always dressing as in the big batch of cornbread stuffing that is usually eaten on Thanksgiving in most households. Then there is the dish known as “Dorito chicken” It’s the whitest of white trash of casseroles. It consists of boiled chicken that is then shredded, velveeta (the fake cheese product), Doritos, cream of mushroom soup, Rotel tomatoes, cream of chicken (I think) soup, and that’s it. I think. It’s been a while. Anyway, it ends up being mixed up and then baked until bubbly. This dish is sponsored by lipitor.

Hunting Easter Eggs

Yes there was Easter Egg hunting.

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