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Race for the Cure

This year, like most years, I walked in the Little Rock Race for the Cure. I know there is a lot of controversy about all of the pink items and those criticisms aren’t completely unfounded. Ask questions and read the fine print if you are going to buy something whose profits are going to benefit the Komen Foundation. In fact, I would say, “hey if you like pink, the item is cute, and you’d probably buy it anyway, buy it and consider any donation good gravy.”

But I like the races. Yeah, I have read snarky commentary on “what does ‘awareness of breast cancer mean?'” But at the race, survivors of Breast Cancer get their own special pink shirts. People run in memory or in honor of other people. The race itself is a celebration of life. It’s an acknowledgement that breast cancer affects the lives of loved ones. It’s an acknowledgement that we’re not alone in the struggle. Also, its’ a damn fine fun party atmosphere with bikers, marching bands, country line dancers, and a whole host of other folks.

you can’t beat that for a Saturday morning.

This was my time. They are a law firm in Little Rock.

Fire Men and beads.

Gotta love the firemen

You can’t talk about breasts without the naughty talk.

The Harley Davidson club shows us how it’s done.

I promise you every historically African American fraternity was represented this year.

The local TV station is on the route.



I told you. Everybody was there.


I hated high school. I hated the stupid rules. I was awkward and insecure. I got picked on just enough to stoke the fires of that insecurity. I began counting down the time until I graduated from there in tenth grade.

Somehow I ended up back in my hometown and on the committee to plan my high school’s 20 year class reunion.

I do believe this is the very definition of hell freezing over.

So I was the person who was in charge of finding the alums and telling them about the reunion. now a good majority of them were already on Facebook. It was fascinating. It was fascinating to see how people changed and how they stayed the same. It was fascinating to see what people remembered about high school. It was fascinating to see the people that I thought were so confident and together back then admit that they too had struggles. I guess that’s the point of high school— trying to make your way in an environment that doesn’t make sense when you don’t even know who you are yet.

Since it was such a small place with a graduating class of about 120 with a large portion of those same people starting with us in kindergarten, it really was like a family reunion. That’s not to say that each and every person was your favorite person in the whole world but at the same time you loved them all the same and are glad that they were around.

So I guess I kissed and made up with high school. I am glad I went. Apparently, everyone else was glad too.

It’s Coming Down

This song has been stuck in my head for the past three days. Also, I cant’ sleep. So I thought I would share.

I am on the cusp of big life changes. Or taking more control over a bad situation and making it good.

There’s so many unknowns in my life right now. gah

All ’bout marathons

Marathon by the Numbers
Brought to you by: Marathon Training Schedule

Remembering 9/11

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Sam: Why don’t have breast like Crystal’s
Melissa: When you have pecs like Pablo, then you can ask me that question
Conversation with my boyfriend at the time in 1990 or 1991

I met Pablo at a summer camp for gifted and talented kids in 1990. He had a tendency to go topless, which showed off his dedication to physical fitness. He had a girlfriend to whom he was faithful and that unavailability made him the most desired young man at camp. He was kind and never had a bad word to say about anybody.

Ten years later, it was around the time that people were wanting to have a 10 year reunion for our gifted and talented summer camp. I was in New York as a law clerk at Legal Aid and he was working for Sun. He traveled a lot but his office was in one of the World Trade Center buildings. I was in Brooklyn. We met for lunch in Brooklyn and ended up somewhere on Montague street. We chatted and caught up on old times. He had two kids. He had also lived in the DC area. He had good memories of our summer camp those many years ago. We talked about how amazing New York City was. We talked about plans for the future. Then almost as quickly as it began, lunch was over and we went back to our lives.

Life moved on. I went back to DC to finish my third year of law school. He went on raising his family. That fateful day I had already graduated law school and had been away from DC for about a month. I remembered my friend Becky mentioning that one of the towers had been hit by a plane. It was stunning. I remembered Legal Aid headquarters being near the towers. I was watching the tv when the plane hit the other tower. I don’t remember exactly when I remembered that Pablo worked in one of the buildings. I spent the rest of day in shock- trying to find Pablo. I had went out to eat dinner and spent the evening driving around. I came home to find a message on my voicemail from Pablo. He had changed jobs and was working on Long Island.

I remember this united sense of shock and grief. People wanted to know why. Then they wanted those who did it to pay. Then they wanted to make sure something like this would never happen again.

Along the way, I think a lot of people got lost and blinded by their fear. When I thought about what to write on this page regarding today, I was reminded of the Yoda quote that I put above. I wonder if the fear of a violent and sudden death on American soil has been exploited. There is no one hundred percent safe place. Life is full of risks and there are no guarantees for everything. Ultimately, we (or the US government) did find the “people who did this” but there is a question of cost.

Today, I am reminded today to cherish my friends. I am reminded that life isn’t fair nor does it always make sense. I am reminded that people are far more good and far more heroic than I can ever imagine. I am also reminded that people are far more evil than I ever thought. Also, life is short. I have no idea how much time I have here and I should make each moment count.

West Memphis 3 “big event”

As an Arkansan, I remember hearing about this case on the news when it happened. It was a Satanic killing and there was torture and it was all kinds of spooky. Later after I moved to DC in early 1996, I saw Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hears at the Key Theater in Washington DC. I had just moved to DC and read that the filmmakers were going to be there. It was about Arkansas and I was very interested in how Arkansas was going to be portrayed.

As you know by now, Arkansas does not come out looking very good in this movie. The murders of the three young boys and the subsequent conviction of three teenagers might be one of the biggest injustices in America today. The West Memphis 3 were convicted on innuendo, speculation, and a fear of the devil.

Later today, the West Memphis three will have a special hearing in Jonesboro. Each member took all of his belongings from the prison when he left. Now rumors are speculating that they will be freed.

So they might get to go home.

No day but today.

Your genuine action will explain itself, and will explain your other genuine actions. Your conformity explains nothing. The force of character is cumulative. – Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance

If ‘the voyage of the best ship is a zigzag line of a hundred tacks,’ then it is more genuine to be present today than to recount yesterdays. How would you describe today using only one sentence? Tell today’s sentence to one other person. Repeat each day.

(Author: Liz Danzico)

  1. Today was HOT!


Travel by Chris Guillebeau
If we live truly, we shall see truly. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Not everyone wants to travel the world, but most people can identify at least one place in the world they’d like to visit before they die. Where is that place for you, and what will you do to make sure you get there?
(Author: Chris Guillebeau)

There’s so many places that I want to go that I can’t even list them all. I would love to go on one of those around the world trips. If I had to pick one place, I would go back to Africa.

#Trust30 is an online initiative and 30-day writing challenge that encourages you to look within and trust yourself. Find out more at

Friday Five

Here’s a random spattering of topics for your amusement.

  1. Drink your milk. Eat your cheese. Don’t eat up like these! My father got his last staples removed from his leg surgery. He fell down on some slick mud. Yeah, that’s right. I said “slick mud.” He had surgery two weeks ago. On Wednesday, my grandmother fell down and broke her femur in multiple places. She had surgery on her leg as well. So far so good. I hope you can’t overdose on calcium.
  2. I don’t know how I found this but here it is. Veronica Mars Season 4.

    I am a squeeing fangirl over here. Apparently, this is the footage that Rob Thomas made and showed to the network in a last ditch effort to convince them not to cancel the show. It’s a couple of years later and Veronica is in the FBI. Rob THomas has stated that if he does a Veronica Mars movie that she will not be in the FBI. I want a Veronica Mars movie, dammit! You have no idea how much I love this show.

  3. Keelber Coconut Dreams really do taste like Girl Scout Samoas cookies. WOWZA
  4. I think I’m going to do a long run of six miles or more every weekend.
  5. I love Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters coming! Too much excitement! Too much excitement!

5 minutes

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010. (Author: Patti Digh)

  1. My weekend in Tulsa visiting my friend Tiffany and seeing Conan O’Brien on tour
  2. Reading True Grit
  3. moments playing with my cat (shut up!)
  4. Going to Memphis in May and attending the NACDL spring meeting
  5. Tasting Gus’s World Famous Fried chicken. (if I had to tell Yankees what fried chicken is supposed to taste like, I would take them to Gus’s. Wow)
  6. My tour of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis at the old Lorraine Hotel building
  7. The BALSA spring gala
  8. Seeing the B-52s in concert
  9. My birthday dinner with my friend Angela. It was the last time I saw her alive.
  10. I would want to remember hearing about her dying because otherwise I would attempt to go to her house and be very unpleasantly surprised
  11. Angela’s funeral. LIke I said, I wouldn’t want to be so unpleasantly surprised in 2011
  12. Seeing The Social Network
  13. The first time I heard “FUCK YOU” by Cee LO. That song is AWESOME.
  14. The 5k in North Little Rock this year.

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