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Gobblers, Little Giblets and plans gone awry

I intended to do many things this weekend. For example, I intended to attend this conference on Friday. I didn’t attend due to my wonderful clock setting skills which confused AM with PM. I woke up at 10 a.m. all warm and fuzzy and then shouted words that would embarrass my mother. Since the conference itself was in Little Rock and I live a good two hours away…. well, you do the math.

I really wanted to listen to programs on how poor people aren’t getting proper legal services. As a person who has consistently worked and interned in public defender’s offices, I know how the poor live and I heard about all the struggles to get basic necessities. It’s hard to go to a job interview if you don’t even have metro fare.

I ended up commisserating by watching Dexter episodes on DVD. I’m not sure why watching serial killers cheers me up but it always does.

My original plans were to go to the conference, stay the night in a hotel, and then run the Great Gobbler/Little Giblets 5K in Maumelle on Saturday morning. Well that went to hell, so I decided to get up early and drive to Maumelle from my house in SE Arkansas. So I did just that.

I get to the race site and go for my purse and realize that I had left my purse in SE AR. !*&)(^&)^^%!!! somehow I had left my checkbook in my car. No I don’t know either and am completely embarassing myself by confessing my flightiness to the public at large. It did end up saving my ass later because I was able to buy a Walmart gift card to pay that I could use in the gas station to get gas to come home.

So the race itself. I had not run since the great rain of 2009. I am a wuss about getting wet and this was my first real run since then. Also, the route had an incline. I knew it was going to be a slow time. It was. Average page was 15:32 AND 48:10.29 OVERALL. OUCH! that’s slow. It’s my slowest time ever.

Well progress is always one step at a time.

OH and if you’re fat and don’t want to exercise or race because people will laugh at you, get over it. People who laugh at others are retarded.


I met my friends John and Rebecca. Rebecca was running the race also. Here’s her picture. I went to undergrad with John way back in the day. Back in the day, he was a big cool senior who ran the radio station and I was a big dorky freshman. They were meeting some other friends and had brunch after the race. I had some spicy chorizo that burned my whole entire mouth. OOH CALIENTE indeed. Of course, I asked where he got it.

I finally (and I do mean finally) got to meet the beautiful and funny Sophie. Sophie is four. I asked her if she was running the Little Giblets 1K. She responded, “I am running zero K” Yeah that kid knows what’s going on. If I had any inkling that I could produce a kid as awesome as Sophie, I’d put a bun in my oven today. Unfortunately, I think I would produce a kid more like that kid who wanted to do “hood rat stuff with his friend”

I also saw my friend Ken from undergrad. He was Jennybee’s boyfriend back then. His son was indeed running the 1K. His name is Beckett and he is 3. Yes he is cute. His parents adopted him from Vietnam which is an awesome story in and of itself. [aside, isn’t “in and of itself” the most redundant pretentious phrase in the English language. I can’t believe I just used it in an sentence] Yeah they blogged about it over here. I hadn’t seen him in years.

THEN, I met some more friends for lunch at Panera. Here’s a picture of that. We also managed to raise money for a Shelter. Yee haww.

Even though I had many very definite plans for this weekend. I was able to adjust and still have fun. Life is about making memories and the relationships you have with other people. This weekend was definitely for the memory books.

Fitness and other craziness.

It’s amazing how the minute you commit to posting daily on your blog that life will suddenly get a lot busier so that you’re too busy living to write all the time.

I have made a new commitment to fitness. I am by all accounts fat. Back in the day (like high school and college), I was a “normal” weight so I’ve not always been fat and am definitely not accustomed to the sneers, snickering, and biases that fat people endure. To be fair, I’m not sure that anyone ever gets used to the abuse that people dish out towards the fat. People are MEAN! no wait.


to fat people.

Starting June 1st, I committed to doing 45 minutes of exercise a day with a day of rest. This means 6 days of exercise. I’ve been doing running every other day or 3 of the 6 days. The other three days are something else.

I finally did my initial push up challenge. I managed to push out 5. My arms and chest hate me now.

I haven’t done the sit up challenge. I keep doing other core exercises other than bonafide situps. I’m not sure what I want to do about that. I’ll probably do the set up test tomorrow.

I also found via this site, the 200 squat challenge today so I’m thinking I can try that as well.

I figure that running and doing the situp, push up, and squat challenges with some yoga would be something I can do this summer that will shape me up. I have found that I can’t eat heavy before running and somehow exercise makes me eat less. No really. I had a big lasagna dinner the first day I ran and threw up. Okay that was TMI but it happens.

So that’s what I’m doing this month.

Running day. every day

“The Hero lies in you” — Mariah Carey

Tomorrow is National Running Day.

According to the website.

National Running Day is a national initiative whereby many of the major organizations within the running industry are joining forces in an unprecedented unified effort to nationally and locally promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise. The inaugural National Running Day will be Wednesday, June 3.

I ran the Little Rock Half Marathon in March. I must confess that I haven’t stayed on schedule after the post race tapering down phase. I was there for a little while and then it began to rain every day. Well, I’m not going to excuse it. I just didn’t get back to any sort of mileage.

Being a woman who is a chronic list maker, I always manage to take a half year assessment of my life and make a list of the things I want to do in the following year. Sometimes I look at my New Year’s resolutions and see how I’m doing with those. It just depends.

I am very proud for completing the big goal of completing a half marathon. I’m going to start running 4 days a week starting yesterday. There’s another half marathon in Conway around October. I intend to finish that and I want to try the Little Rock Marathon next march. I guess I better get training.

TV angst, running, and mishmash.

I had a feeling from watching Chuck that the producers were pushing the show in a position where if it was canceled that it would be seen as tying up some loose ends. Of course, my gut was right and there is talk about the show being canceled. .

What the? Chuck is a hilarious show. It has better ratings than Gossip Girl.

So runners. I have noticed the trend of skirts. I found these from OldNavy. Are they helpful? One of my problems as an overweight runner trying to become regular weight through running is that my thighs rubbing together produces this awful friction type burn. It seems similar to carpet burn but it’s your own skin rubbing against each other. It’s horrible. There is Body Glide which is amazing for this problem. There’s also Vaseline but that’s sticky.

Leggings or bicycle pants type capris have always been an alternative that takes care of that problem but then you have the problem of your butt feeling all exposed to the world and if you’re a larger person, you’re not exactly wanting your butt doing that. I’m wondering if these would be a good purchase.

I haven’t kept track of my running. I know I do it and my nikeipod thing keeps track of it but I couldn’t tell you how often I run. I have an idea how far I go each time but past that I don’t know. I don’t even know if I’m getting health benefits. l? Hcdoing that

My big fat geek half marathon.

For reasons that to this day I don’t fully comprehend, I have always been a person that other people underestimate. For example, my guidance counselor recommended that instead of taking AP English and Calculus that I take a two period class called Office Lab that taught you how to use all the secretarial machines. I ended up being the one who made the perfect score on the Calculus semester test. There was the time this girl told me that my boyfriend was “TOO FINE” to be dating “someone like me.” (How she managed to live with all her hair perfectly placed on her head, I’ll never know). When I had my first meeting with my piano teacher in DC, I bought a piece I could play to show him my level of proficiency. He told me that this was a “very difficult piece.” Yeah I played it. He was impressed. UH HUH. That’s what I thought.

I’m thinking maybe I should get “that’s what I thought” tattooed on my butt.

Sometimes, I have found that I underestimate myself. I’m a perfectionist and see my flaws and weaknesses a lot more than I see my strengths. As a result, I like to do something that scares me a little to remind me that I’m alive and capable.

I began running in DC. DC has some beautiful running routes. There is the National Mall, which has a gravel trail where you can run from the Capital to the Lincoln Memorial and back again. The sidewalks are wide enough that you can run across the Memorial Bridge into Arlington National Cemetery. Rock Creek Park has a bike and running trail.

Sometime relatively soon after I started running, I thought about completing a marathon. It sounded so over the top that I just had to do it. I had a friend doing the Aids Marathon training program and through that I learned about the Galloway Method

So I put the marathon on my bucket list. I then broke it down to the smaller goals with a 5K, 10K, and a half marathon on my list as well.

Life happened. I moved. I gained a ton of weight. One day woke up and realized, HOLY SHIT I”M FAT! I’m really really fat! and started back to running . . very very slowly. So far I’ve lost about 20 pounds.

Last Saturday was my half marathon: The Little Rock Marathon in, where else, Little Rock, Arkansas. I printed out the training schedule on the site and went to town.

As any longtime reader of “run melissa run” knows, I have been panicking about this race for a good two weeks. I’ve never run a race with this many people. I had visions of being trampled by other runners. I’d never run a race this long. Would the hills kill me? Will I lose my timing chip? lots of concerns.

They turned out to be unfounded. I took pictures. Here we go.

packet pick up

This is where I picked up my “packet” with my number, timing clip, and all the necessary items needed for the race. The expo was nice. I met some of the nicest people while I was there. Runners, as a group, tend to be really nice people. Maybe it’s true what they say about endorphins and mood. I saw lots of nice things and ended up doing a little shopping.

Cool shirts at the expo.

I did not buy either one of these t-shirts.


I bought The Stick, which is billed as a “self massager” (no not that kind of massager). IT was worth its weight in gold. I got some gloves, a ponytail headband, a bumper sticker, a magnet, and some jelly beans.

I did my carbo loading at Dam Good Pies. This is an awesome restaurant with great food. I highly recommend it.

Best shirt ever.

I almost wore this shirt to the race, thinking it would be hilarious and might give the spectators a little chuckle. Then I remembered that my pants were black. Oops.

The race itself. Well 6 a.m. is really freaking early. My mother wanted to go with me and since I’m not a morning person, I was more than happy to have someone else with me to wake my sleepy head up for the race.

I started the race with my intent to do 2 minute running/1 minute walk break splits for the duration and I kept this up easy breezy until somewhere between mile 9 and 10.

Around mile 7. (when mothers with cameras attack)

This picture is around mile seven. Our hotel was on the race route and my mother waited and came outside and took this picture. Obviously, I’m not what you would call pleased with my mother playing Paparazzi.

Somewhere around mile 9 and 10, I got real tired. This route was significantly more hilly than the training area in my town. In fact, Little Rock is a lot more hilly than Melissa land in general. The hills had gotten to me. I began walking up the hill in front of the Governor’s Mansion. After that, I pretty much walked the rest of the route. My goal was just to finish. I didn’t care if I was last.

I finally got to the last turn. I got some lipstick at the lipstick aid station and crossed the finish line about 3 1/2 hours later. One person cut off my timing tag. Another person put my finisher’s medal around my neck.

My finisher's medal

(my finisher’s medal)

And none other than Mr. TMFW himself put the mylar blanket around me to keep me warm. By this point, I was so tired I wanted him to tuck me in bed with some warm milk and read me a bedtime story.

The post race atmosphere is a little odd. People are tired and yet supportive. I ate a slice of pizza, some chocolate milk, and a banana. I found my mother. I called my Dad.

“Hey Dad”
“So how did it go?”
“It went alright”
“Did you finish all 13 miles”

Uh huh that’s what I thought.

Bragging rights.

I learned a lot during that race. I learned that I need to find more hills for training purposes. I learned that in running, like life, the two biggest things are to show up and to keep going when times are tough. Everything else is gravy.


13.1 represent.

Me and my medal.

I survived. I wasn’t dead last. I’m a happy (and sore) camper. It’s also late. I will write in detail later.

Tell my parents that I love them.

I’m leaving to go pick up my race packet at the expo. I will be checking out the BBQ contest at the Clinton Library-maybe see the Peter Max exhibit. There will be 13.1 miles of running. Hotel checking. Maybe some independent movie watching. I am missing the St. Patrick’s Day parade but I might check out the rest of it.

Now that it’s here, I’m having the angsty, Oh no 13.1 miles. What if I die? Tell my parents that i love them.

I love all you guys…. and My mother gets the cats. Todd gets the piano music…

Oh crap I’m kidding. a little.

Running log for this week

During the week thanks to the fatigue that comes when your body is fighting an infection, I had only logged in 4 miles total. So today I thought “hey my weekly mileage is past 17 miles. I’ll just run a half marathon. I’ve run 12 miles before”

Famous last words, people. Famous last words.

I picked a route near the hospital that would give me quite a few miles so I wouldn’t repeat myself too many times. There were some hills, including a big monster. I used the Galloway method with 3 minute jogs with one minute of walking. I managed to go the big hill twice. The last three miles was nothing more than will. In fact, it was so bad that when my little nike ipod thing said you finished and I started walking, I was wondering if I was going to make it to my car.

I managed to do 13.11 miles. 2 hours 46 minutes. This averages out to a 12:41 mile per hour pace.

My legs are sore. My butt is sore. I’ve been stretching trying to avoid walking gimpy tomorrow but I’m not sure I will succeed.

We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


I love running and today was a very nice seven mile run. It was the same pace I usually run but it didn’t feel tiring. Also, I ran up and down some hills so it should have been more strenuous and slower than my other runs. Somehow I did it and I feel very proud of myself. Yes I am a dork.

I paid the registration fee for the Little Rock half marathon. I have talked and written about it for quite a while but I finally took the leap and paid it. Now I have to go. Well I don’t have to do anything but the fee is non refundable. I have told everybody and their mother. People have even said they would show up to cheer me on. Really? Cheer little old me?! I’m not worthy. Of course, I have a self esteem problem. Or not.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine wrote about something that was very tragic and painful. I feel empathy for her and her struggle. Unfortunately for me, it is freakishly close to one of my own “very bad events in my life.” As a result, I’ve been a hot mess. I’ve been binging on food like it’s going out of style. I’ve made a very bad trip down to the swampy ugly pothole filled parts of memory lane and I am desperately searching back to Present-ville.

I’m looking towards the future and making plans to change a whole lot about my life. I have managed to put myself in a rut. I need to get out of it.

I can do it with my eyes closed


Originally uploaded by melissathegoofy

This was a meme.

1. Open paint
2. Close your eyes.
3. Draw a cat.

I did a pretty gosh darn good job.

Also, I officially registered (i.e. paid for) for the Little Rock half marathon. I’m officially in it. No backing out now.

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