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Molly Ringwald wrote this editorial in the New York Times about John Hughes. The most poignant paragraph about his later films.

None of the films that he made subsequently had the same kind of personal feeling to me. They were funny, yes, wildly successful, to be sure, but I recognized very little of the John I knew in them, of his youthful, urgent, unmistakable vulnerability. It was like his heart had closed, or at least was no longer open for public view. A darker spin can be gleaned from the words John put into the mouth of Allison in “The Breakfast Club”: “When you grow up … your heart dies.”

Alice in Wonderland

Look it’s the trailer for the new live action Alice in Wonderland movie directed by Tim Burton. I am excited about this movie. The art direction looks amazing. Johnny Depp is the Had Hatter. Anne Hathaway is the White Queen. Helena Bonham Carter is the Red Queen. Here are some stills from the movie.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

yes America, I went and saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

I read the book back in the day but I haven’t reread it since. I do, however, remember quite a bit of the plot. Let’s say that I remember enough to know what was going to happen but not enough to get pissy about the things left out.

This is the movie that starts right after the confrontation between Harry and he who must not be named himself Voldemort in the Goblet of Fire. Harry hangs out at the Weasleys. They start school and Malfoy looks like he’s up to no good. This time, it looks like he’s really really up to no good. What is he doing? Also, the whole gang has discovered the opposite sex and crushes abound. This is Harry Potter: teen angst version.

This movie is darker than the previous Potter films, as it should be. Dumbledore asks Harry to get close to the new potions teacher to find out some dirt on a former student. Dumbledore is away on his own doings trying to take down the death eaters. There are mysterious conversations regarding Snape.

So. The movie is quite a fun ride. Some of the plot lines in the book were more subtle than the movie version especially the romantic plot lines of Ron, Hermoine, and Harry.

Public Enemies

I saw Public Enemies.

I guess I should say some things at the outset. I am a big fan of Art Deco. I love Art Deco buildings and other Depression era buildings. You can see them all over the East coast. Also, I love men in suits. The Sartorialist is a favorite “read.”

This movie is, of course, about John Dillinger and his eventually shooting in front of the Biograph theater. It has every attractive actor who is known for doing “independent” and “quirky” movies starring in it.

It’s well acted and has a nice pace with the action. For a movie that is based on real life events and one in which you know what is going to happen, there was still some suspense. The camera work was a little dizzy. It reminded me of the Bourne Identity and The Blair Witch Project at times where the camera just seemed to be flying everywhere. The art direct and sets were very realistic. If you look at footage from the news reels about Dillinger at the time, you can see that a lot of care was put into making the details realistic and as close to the actual events as possible, except all the actors are eye candy.

Away We Go

I finally got around to seeing Away We Go.

God I loved this movie.

It’s one of the most real love stories I have ever seen on film. Yeah, the characters say silly things but the issues and the relationship between the two main characters rings so true.

And there’s a comfortable stillness between the two main characters. It feels like they have known each other forever and don’t need to fill the uncomfortable silences with any noises. More precisely, they’ve known each other for so long and know each other so well that there are no uncomfortable silences, just the ability to sit in each other’s space and just be.



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