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Ah a new challenge

I was surfing around on the net and found the SITS girls and thought I would look around. They are doing the 31 day ProBlogger challenge. (oh wait, the actual link to the 31 day ProBlogger Challenge is here) I thought I would play along.

Day One: Write an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is supposed to help others understand the blog as well as “draw them in.” Eh, I’m not sure I care if people read or not. Okay I care a little bit or I’d be doing this in a moleskin book. then again I do have friends in a lot of places.

Okay here we go.

I’m a thirty-something single lawyer, runner, food and animal lover with a penchant for self improvement as well as running her mouth as well as her legs and this blog is where I leave my notes.

The only problem with that is that even though I’m a lawyer, I rarely, if ever, write about the law on here. There are attorney client privilege concerns and there are also concerns that someone will find my post via google and by the time he or she finds it, it will no longer be good law. That bothers me.

But a person’s job does give a hint as to a person’s soul. It shows an interest. It implies a certain level of intellectualism and intelligence. (okay now I’m expecting flames of antecdotes of the “idiot lawyer” that you or YOU may know).

Hrm…. but I missed the point where I like to read books and watch fancy pants and trashy movies. Or that I have perfectionism streak which leads to angst and insecurity.

One woman’s outlet to prevent killing and maiming the world at large. Hee. that makes me sound absofuckinglutely nuts. It’s dangerous. people will wonder if I will find their physical address via their IP address and hack them to bits.

Okay probably not.

Gosh this is hard.

“This blog is like a bulletin board where I put all thoughts on it like post-it notes”

heh. yeah but it’s close to another blog’s tagline.

A thirty something attorney with a wide variety of interests who likes to run her legs as well as her mouth.

Eh that’s going to be it.

Well I run my mouth as well as my legs. There you go.

OMG poor Kurt Cobain.

I found this via flash traffic.

I wonder if Dave Grohl has seen this. Kurt Cobain is rolling around in his grave. OH it’s so bad.


news tidbits.

A criminal defense lawyer who had sex with a client and reduced the fee $200 each time she had sex with him was ordered disbarred in Florida today. (via law of criminal defense)

Antidepressants make your brain grow? Psychology today says “YES THEY DO!”

The University of Arkansas is prepared for the Swine Flu.

How to annoy someone if you’re a lawyer? Put a big billboard of your office right beside their office. Aw petty yet amusing.

I look up the swine flu and tweet about how it doesn’t seem so bad. Wake up feeling tired and have a sore throat. FEAR THE SWINE! FEAR THE SWINE!

Thank you for being a friend, Bea

Bea Arthur, star of Golden Girls and Maude, died over the weekend.

Here is the controversial episode of Maude, where Maude debates whether or not to have an abortion at 47.

Will probably be the funniest thing I've seen all month.

Lawrence Welk is more modern than I thought. Maybe he’s a NORML member. Oh wait he’s dead.

MLK and tomorrow

I don’t really have anything of importance to say. I wish I had something of profound but I am just a woman with an ear infection trying to hear right and work a little.

For all the African American people and families who endured taunts, rocks, and lynchings just to do the simple things in life like go to school, vote, ride the front of the bus, and use the nearest toilet, I say “congratulations. This is a day that many of you didn’t think you would see in your life time. I hope you call in sick and savor tomorrow.”

If you have to go to work, you can watch it here. (if your office has high speed internet.) shhh I didn’t tell you. ( did)

Fun for all ages.

Work was crazy today. From Strange Pup, here’s a video from Robin Williams.

More awesome videos.

From oh joy, these two videos are an interview with Sylvia Plath. I had quite a fascination with Sylvia Plath in my younger years. She seemed to be someone trapped in a time that didn’t appreciate her. I remember reading her journals and felt a thrill of envy that she bit Ted Hughes the first time she met him. That’s so ballsy.

Totally awesome videos.

In the past couple of weeks, I have been sent videos from Youtube and other sources that are just amazing for one reason or the other. And now I thought I would pass on this awesomeness to you.

  1. Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel of “How I Met Your Mother” Sing “Confrontation” from Les Mis on the Megan Mullally Show. Any commentary I could give beyond this mere description would spoil it for you.

  2. Phillip Martin tipped me off on this one. One Hundred movie spoilers in five minutes.

  3. The infamous Sarah Palin turkey slaughter video from everywhere. Yeah you’ve probably seen this one but LAWD!

  4. This is about Christmas and buying stuff. Good stuff. (Not to be punny. Well okay I meant to be punny but in an ironic way. Who am I kidding? I’m a cheesy girl) from Advent Conspiracy. Special Shout out to BELLESOUTH who sent it my way. Okay she posted it on her blog.

  5. From MTV via Ta-Henisi Coates, another reason I love Obama.

    I’m not sure wordpress is going to let me embed this video so here is the static link HERE

  6. The Cartoon Network rickrolled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. This will take years to get old. If I been awake and saw this play out, I might have busted my head on the floor from falling out of my chair laughing so hard.

  7. Pamie posted some tween drama.

Happy Halloween

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

I cannot tell a lie. I love Halloween. It is the best holiday ever. It involves costumes, pranks, and CANDY! Anything involving candy can’t be all bad. It’s also a holiday where my dark humor gets to come out of the closet. (har har har) For example, the video below makes me laugh. It’s by a group called Greens Keepers and the title is “Lotion in the Basket” Yes Virginia, it is based on Silence of the Lambs.

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