Dear Mr. Miranda

I feel compelled to write you and congratulate you on your successful first run performing Hamilton on Broadway. (note I said first.) Strangely, I first became a fan of you for being the guy who coordinated the best wedding toast ever. I’ve kept that video on my YouTube favorites as a pick-me-up for when I have a bad day. It took a ridiculously long time for me to make the connection that you were the Hamilton guy. I’m not going to confess how long except to say that it could be used as evidence that Superman could indeed only put on glasses to go unnoticed in Metropolis.

I did get around to listening to Hamilton and was impressed with the breadth of differing musical styles as well as the fusion of those styles within one song in this one musical. I could write a thesis geeking out over the music theory/composition styles of it all but I’m sure at some point a music major will do that. Besides technical brilliance, Hamilton is catchy as hell. Thank you for writing it.

I feel compelled to thank you for so many other things.

In a time when politicians are wanting to channel education budgets to focus on STEM, you showed the value in studying history and the arts. Thank you.

In a time when the media and the general public demand perfection from our politicians, you showed that our politicians have always been flawed humans and are still capable of greatness. Thank you.

In a time of toxic masculinity, you have been a man unashamed to laugh, to cry, to gush, and to love. You have publicly admitted seeing a therapist. You weren’t afraid to love a woman who is smarter than you and had the potential to make more money than you. Thank you.

In a time of anti-intellectualism, you showed the value in thinking and exploring nuance. You also showed the value in being an avid reader who chooses an 800-page biography for vacation reading. You also showed kids that you can love reading dense prose and devouring pop culture like Saved by the Bell at the same time. THANK YOU.

Even though you wrote the entire book of Hamilton, you have acknowledged the value in seeking help and advice from others. You have shown gratitude for every single person in the Hamilton company right down to the ushers in the theater. This kindness is rare. Thank you.

Thank you for being you. Enjoy these moments and have a great vacation filled with a bunch of naps. You have to be exhausted.