One of my goals on my bucketlist is to complete a marathon. While I have yet to do that, I have completed multiple half marathons. The Little Rock half marathon was my first half marathon and it is still one of my favorites for many reasons. It is easy enough to finish but tough enough (with hills y’all) to make it a challenge. Every year it is a different adventure.

It is located in the state where I grew up so I always see new friends and old friends from high school and college. I always see someone I know that I haven’t seen in a helluva long time at this race. It is quite a reunion.

Another reason is that the route itself is quite a beautiful tour of Little Rock and North Little Rock. First, the race will take you across the Main street bridge and into the Argenta district of North Little Rock.

Look at beautiful Argenta. Isn’t it pretty? Hopefully it won’t be raining. Thanks photolitherland for this pic.

Then You run parallel to the Arkansas River for miles for mile 2. Then you loop around and come back over the Main street Bridge.

Then you get to go by the Clinton Presidential Library and Heifer International. Landmarks y’all.

And even more. Then you go by McArthur Park (but no cakes in the rain. Even the year that it was raining. No damn cakes). You cross an overpass and end up in the SOMA district of Little Rock, where you pass South On Main, the Esse Purse Museum and the Oxford American magazine office. You then loop around to pass the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion and then the infamous (but beautiful) Little Rock Central High School. Seriously Central’s building is gorgeous.

It’s a fun race with people along the route playing music in their front yards and tons of volunteers providing entertainment along the route. There is usually a marching band playing music in North Little Rock. There are churches giving out water. The whole city comes out to support the runners. It really is a good time.

Also, the medals for these races are some of the biggest in the nation. Come on down, y’all.

Here’s a link to the registration page because I’m nice like that.