After a year hiatus, I am back on this thing. Thanks to the gentle nudging of Elizabeyth, here I am. Somehow I have agreed to do an entry a day for the rest of December. So this will be a kick in the pants for creativity and time management. GO ME.

I have opinions and sometimes I buy into the Southern gentility thing just a little too much and don’t necessarily express these opinions. I am slowly learning to say “fuck that noise” and yawp away.

I like to run (slowly) and have completed six (or is it seven) half marathons along with a hodge podge of other shorter distances. I belong to the Hot Legs running club and hope to participate in Grand Prix next year.

I have a cat. I like to read books. I think too much or sometimes, I don’t think enough. Veronica Mars is my spirit animal. I am a liberal in a very red state. I am at a cross roads for many things and am considering rebooting my life. It should be an interesting month.