In my effort to get back into running, I have assumed my duties as the Hot Legs back of the pack girl who pads the team total for Grand Prix by running the River Run 8k. This is a race that takes place up and down the Little Rock side of the River Trial near the Big Dam Bridge. It raises funds for Easter Seals.

The race itself took place on May 24, 2014 and it could be considered the first “hot” race of the summer. It was sunny and warm, just like any other Arkansas summer. I hadn’t really trained for this but I knew that i could complete it due to my multiple marathons. 5 miles isn’t fatal. At worst, I would just be really sore. I also tend to be conservative when it comes to pushing myself.

The race course itself was fairly flat since you didn’t actually go over the bridge. I was hot. I realized I didn’t drink enough water pre race and my mouth felt like sand paper. I ended up going a lot slower than I originally planned and ended up walking the last three miles. I wasn’t dead last. WIN!

Melissa 1:33:16.40 18:46/M

The race itself posted photos on their facebook page.