Yeah yeah. well I noticed that Foodie Esq. did this. I also haven’t blogged in a while. Obviously I love lists.

  1. I am named after a soap opera character but my Mom doesn’t remember much about the actual character now.
  2. I don’t look my age. (or so other people tell me. They always guess younger)
  3. I started getting gray hair in my late twenties
  4. I used to be an investigator — like Veronica Mars
  5. Veronica Mars is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.
  6. Yes I sent some kickstarter money to get the Veronica Mars movie made
  7. I am tall for a woman
  8. I used to be thin but now I am obese
  9. My grandparents have a family farm/deer camp with no electricity, no running water, and an outhouse
  10. I am from Arkansas
  11. I live in Arkansas now
  12. I spent a little over 5 years in the DC with a summer in NYC.
  13. I still miss the East Coast
  14. I miss the diversity of big cities, especially one chock full of embassies
  15. I was a legal observer (think poll watcher for protests) at the 2000 IMF/World Bank protest in DC. It was huge
  16. I play piano
  17. As a kid, I wanted to grow up and become a concert pianist.
  18. I was inspired by a cartoon of Bugs Bunny playing Listz’s Hungarian Rhapsody #2.
  19. I made it pretty far. I got to college with a music scholarship but ultimately didn’t desire to be music faculty at a college
  20. I have a box of piano trophies in my closet.
  21. I have seen every episode of Six Feet Under
  22. I have also seen every episode of Dawson’s Creek
  23. My two favorite books of all time are Lolita by Vladimir Nabakov and The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner
  24. Strangely enough, they are both studies about how a person’s views and personality alters his perception of the world.
  25. I think cell phone typing has totally fucked by ability to write grammatically correct sentences. I have to edit like a Mother fucker now.
  26. I curse like a sailor
  27. I like the idea of cooking but I don’t cook that much.
  28. i am a twitter fool
  29. I am a crime magnet
  30. I’ve been mugged
  31. I have had my car stolen
  32. I have had another car broken into
  33. Someone burglarized my apartment
  34. My apartment was broken into on the date of my first law school exam as a 1L.
  35. Seriously that was fucked up.
  36. I was so wired about exams that I was more upset that the burglars had ransacked my notes and outlines in the process of going through my stuff than the actual taking of my stuff.
  37. They did take my alarm clock
  38. I almost missed my second law school exam as a 1L because I set the clock wrong.
  39. I woke up 40 minutes before the exam was to start.
  40. How I managed to wake up, put on clothes, get my papers together, get a cab, and make that cab take me from Adams Morgan to the law school in that short period of time, I WILL NEVER KNOW!!!!!
  41. I like to run.
  42. I have completed the Little Rock half marathon four times
  43. I, unfortunately, due to a cranky calf a little bit of laziness, have fallen off the running wagon and am hopping back on.. like now.
  44. I think Capital Hotel pens are the best pens in America.
  45. I think boiled okra is the grossest food ever.
  46. If dinosaurs had boogers, they would look like boiled okra.
  47. When I was a kid, I would “tromp cotton” with my cousins.
  48. I am fascinated by the Allen House
  49. I have raging insomnia.
  50. I am extremely critical of myself