The last year seemed to be about finding out the person I wanted to be and finding out who my friends were. I wasn’t popular in high school. On some level, I took that to mean that I wasn’t likeable and I reacted to this by people a people pleaser. I learned to get over that and to take care of myself. That seemed to include a lot of “cleaning.”

So let’s see what else I want to do.

  1. Be more true to myself
  2. Set boundaries and keep them
  3. Start some sort of strength training and do it twice a week. Hopefully blog about it so i can keep doing it
  4. Run two half marathons this year (The Little Rock half marathon sold out so I will have to pick another one. I figure one in the spring and then one in the fall or Winter
  5. I think I want to try to do the St. Jude marathon if it looks like my pace has crept up. Since I missed the LR half registration, I am going to keep my current running schedule as a ‘base’ and work in some speed work. I am considering the Oklahoma City half now.
  6. Work on my eating. I am subscribed to Weight Watchers online and I think I am going to focus on getting my servings of fruits and vegetables and serving sizes. Once I get that part right, I will focus on something else. It’s more one thing at a time. Hopefully this will result in me losing weight. (yeah these are much more vague than my concrete tasks of yesteryear)

I have been told that overeating is as much psychological as it is physical so I am going to assume that I will need some room to work on this. hence, the short list of resolutions this year. There you go. (yeah this will get to be more of a “weight loss” type blog. I can feel it)

Holidailies 2011