This year, like most years, I walked in the Little Rock Race for the Cure. I know there is a lot of controversy about all of the pink items and those criticisms aren’t completely unfounded. Ask questions and read the fine print if you are going to buy something whose profits are going to benefit the Komen Foundation. In fact, I would say, “hey if you like pink, the item is cute, and you’d probably buy it anyway, buy it and consider any donation good gravy.”

But I like the races. Yeah, I have read snarky commentary on “what does ‘awareness of breast cancer mean?'” But at the race, survivors of Breast Cancer get their own special pink shirts. People run in memory or in honor of other people. The race itself is a celebration of life. It’s an acknowledgement that breast cancer affects the lives of loved ones. It’s an acknowledgement that we’re not alone in the struggle. Also, its’ a damn fine fun party atmosphere with bikers, marching bands, country line dancers, and a whole host of other folks.

you can’t beat that for a Saturday morning.

This was my time. They are a law firm in Little Rock.

Fire Men and beads.

Gotta love the firemen

You can’t talk about breasts without the naughty talk.

The Harley Davidson club shows us how it’s done.

I promise you every historically African American fraternity was represented this year.

The local TV station is on the route.



I told you. Everybody was there.