I hated high school. I hated the stupid rules. I was awkward and insecure. I got picked on just enough to stoke the fires of that insecurity. I began counting down the time until I graduated from there in tenth grade.

Somehow I ended up back in my hometown and on the committee to plan my high school’s 20 year class reunion.

I do believe this is the very definition of hell freezing over.

So I was the person who was in charge of finding the alums and telling them about the reunion. now a good majority of them were already on Facebook. It was fascinating. It was fascinating to see how people changed and how they stayed the same. It was fascinating to see what people remembered about high school. It was fascinating to see the people that I thought were so confident and together back then admit that they too had struggles. I guess that’s the point of high school— trying to make your way in an environment that doesn’t make sense when you don’t even know who you are yet.

Since it was such a small place with a graduating class of about 120 with a large portion of those same people starting with us in kindergarten, it really was like a family reunion. That’s not to say that each and every person was your favorite person in the whole world but at the same time you loved them all the same and are glad that they were around.

So I guess I kissed and made up with high school. I am glad I went. Apparently, everyone else was glad too.