As an Arkansan, I remember hearing about this case on the news when it happened. It was a Satanic killing and there was torture and it was all kinds of spooky. Later after I moved to DC in early 1996, I saw Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hears at the Key Theater in Washington DC. I had just moved to DC and read that the filmmakers were going to be there. It was about Arkansas and I was very interested in how Arkansas was going to be portrayed.

As you know by now, Arkansas does not come out looking very good in this movie. The murders of the three young boys and the subsequent conviction of three teenagers might be one of the biggest injustices in America today. The West Memphis 3 were convicted on innuendo, speculation, and a fear of the devil.

Later today, the West Memphis three will have a special hearing in Jonesboro. Each member took all of his belongings from the prison when he left. Now rumors are speculating that they will be freed.

So they might get to go home.