IT turns out that my father had indeed broken his leg. He broke his tibia near his knee. He had to have surgery with a metal plate and screwss and a whole lot of other things. His surgery was scheduled for Wednesday morning. He and Mom stayed the night in a nearby hotel. I was in Little Rock on business anyway. I met them for dinner and took Dad to Damgoode pies. He asked for spaghetti and meatballs but he also wanted somewhere close to the hospital.

He was told to not eat or drink anything after eight o’clock so there was this sense of urgency on whether the food would come out in time to eat it. There was this palpable sense that this was the last of something. I have no idea if 10 minutes would make a big difference but the doctors told them that if he ate something after eight, they wouldn’t do the surgery so they were very persnickety and nervous about the time limit.

Even though the meal wasn’t that long ago, I remember it with a vividness that tells me that I will remember the evening for quite a while. There was a sense that things will be different after this. They will. Dad will be in a brace for ten weeks. The surgery might not work one hundred percent and he could be put on disability. His surgery went seemlessly. The doctor had another emergency. They waited all day to see if he would be checked out today or tomorrow. He’s coming home tomorrow. THen it’s more waiting to see how he heals up.

So much unknown.

Oh and watch this video made by the GW Law Revue. They are some funny kids.