He got some sort of allergic reaction and bit the tip of his tail off. Well the skin off the tip of his tail. He was bleeding everywhere. IT was like a horror movie. He’s always been a little weird in that he would chase his tail and sometimes lightly bite it in a “I caught you” sort of way. This last week, however, he started growling at it and then he started biting it hard. Later, he came to sit in his usual place and his tail felt wet but I assumed he had knocked over the water bowl again. (he’s bad like that). Then when I went to the bathroom, it looked like I was at Carrie’s Prom.

It was scary! So much blood. Then I picked him up and looked at his tail and the tip was just blood. There was this little ball and then I watched as he BIT IT OFF!

Horror horror.

I took him to the vet and they said he had some allergic reaction. He got a shot and some antibiotics. If he keeps this up, they’re cutting his tail off.

I had never taken him outside so I was a little nervous about the whole thing. He cried and cried in his pet taxi as I carried him to the car. He cried a little bit more. He had pretty much calmed down by the time I got him to the vet. He didn’t hiss at the vet at all although it was very apparent he didn’t like getting his temperature taken. He meowed the most when they took him to another room without me to weigh him. He was all “meow meow meow” The vet nurse said my kitty had a nice talking voice and that he was the most talkative kitty she had ever seen.

Yeah he meows all the time. He recognizes his name and will usually meow in response to it if he’s not asleep or staring at a squirrel or another cat outside.

So he is better now and he is still snuggly wuggly. It may just be that he’s cold. He doesn’t really like his medicine but he doesn’t run away or try to beat me when I give him his drops. I found this new type of canned food that he adores. He eats it up so fast. It gives him the silent deadly farts from hades. ugh.

but my kitty is on his way to feeling better. (i hope. He really likes flailing his tail around).