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Month: October 2010

Halloween music

Someone on Twitter asked about Halloween music that was upset enough for running. I don’t remember who but I do have some songs that are creepy and have a pace worthy of a good jog. Here we go.

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson. This is a “duh” song for Halloween. It has a rap by Vincent Price. The video includes dancing zombies. What’s not Halloween about this song.
  2. Zombie Jamboree by Rockapella. OKay it has many versions,including Harry Belafonte and the Kingston Trio, but I am picking this one. It’s about Zombies having a party in a cemetery.
  3. Country Death Song by the Violent Femmes. IT’s about a father who throws his daughter down a well.
  4. Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr. Yeah you know this one. I’m not including the video. I ain’t afraid of no ghost. It’s Synthesizertastic.
  5. Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. It’s the theme to the Exorcist.
  6. Monster by Fred Schneider. THis is Fred Schneider’s solo effort. This video is also one of the first videos to be either banned or regulated to late, late night by MTV.
  7. Lotion in the Basket by Greens Keepers. This is a catchy little tuned based on Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. Yes Precious, it gets the hose.
  8. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Cryptkickers. IT’s a classic for Halloween.

Totally Awesome videos

Grover smells like a monster or does he? It’s a spoof off the Old Spice ads.

Joel Burns, a Fort Worth city councilman, uses his time at a meeting to tell gay teens that “It gets better.” This one has made the tv news so I won’t go into it much except to say it tug at my heartstrings and is so heartfelt. I hope someone hears it.

New York Governor David Patterson tells us “It gets better” But wait, this one is awesome in a way that some of the others. He was the only African American in some of his classes. He was the only legally blind person in his school. At some point, he got so frustrated with the teachers not doing anything. “I hit a kid in the face with a lunch box. And you know something, even forty years later, I’m not sorry.” That’s right!! Totally awsome!!

Okay I am in LOVE with these “IT Gets better” videos. Here’s one with Tim Gunn where he admits he attempted suicide when he was 17.

Life List

I love lists. It is painfully obvious if you look around through the blog archives. I am a habitual list maker. I like the feeling of accomplishment of drawling a line through an item. Once upon a time, I wrote down a bucket list–a list of things I wanted to do before I “kicked the bucket” Now that I think of it, i don’t even remember where it is. Well Just in time, Savannah and Audreya have both put down their “life lists.” So I think I’m going to redo this bugger right here. I’m going to put down the ones I have already done and cross those out.

  1. See Jerry Seinfeld in concert
  2. See the pyramids in Gisa, Egypt
  3. Go on an African Safari
  4. Try a jury trial
  5. Build a Habitat for Humanity House
  6. To complete a marathon
  7. To complete two half marathons
  8. To complete the 100 push up challenge
  9. To complete the 200 sit up challenge
  10. To complete the 200 squat challenge
  11. Try drinking green monsters for a week.
  12. Drink 64 ounces of water a day.
  13. Get back into my yoga habit. I am shooting for two times a week for a month to cross it off this list but seriously. I just want to get back to it. I need exercise in my life
  14. Get a bike
  15. Try a triathalon
  16. Get my passport renewed
  17. Go back to Africa
  18. Go to Washington DC
  19. Go to a Little Rock Tweet up
  20. Go to the Little Rock Film Festival
  21. Go to Memphis in May
  22. Go to Voodoo Music festival in New Orleans
  23. Build a Habitat for Humanity house
  24. See the William Faulkner things in Oxford, Mississippi
  25. See the Hemingway things in Piggott, Arkansas
  26. Lose 100 pounds
  27. Read all Faulkner novels
  28. Get a Smart phone (blackberry or iphone)

  29. Get Linked In profile up date
  30. Grow linked in Network
  31. Go to National Association for Criminal Defense lawyers annual meeting. Okay to be fair this wasn’t the annual meeting but a spring meeting but I counted it.
  32. Try a jury trial
  33. Win a jury trial
  34. Get certified for conflicts list in Arkansas State court
  35. Get certified for CJA list in federal court
  36. Get practice management software/system set up
  37. Get time management system set up (probably something like Randy Pausch’s system)
  38. Clean office (big clean)
  39. After big clean, pick once a week to clean office X/143
  40. See all Harry Potter movies as they come out saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on 7/17/2009)
  41. Get professional site up and running (already bought domain)
  42. Blog on my legal site once a week (starting from completion of set up)
  43. Move to a better living situation.
  44. Get over fear of dentist and get all my dental work done
  45. Get a pair of black Manolo pumps. (I never said they couldn’t be shallow things)
  46. Get a Vespa.
  47. get a professional massage
  48. get facial
  49. Try sushi (no i’ve never tried it)
  50. See Nine Inch Nails or the Dandy Warhols in Concert.
  51. Learn ballroom or salsa dancing.
  52. Figure out the perfect margarita recipe.
  53. Finish learning Hungarian Rhapsody #2. (yeah I dream big. I might be closer to this than you think)
  54. Learn Un Sospiro by Liszt
  55. give blood
  56. Try acupuncture
  57. Participate in the 365 day photo challenge
  58. Identify 101 things that make me happy
  59. Put my attorney profile on Law Link
  60. Try the 21 day challenge
  61. Clear out 101 items for yardsale, recycling, or trash. (I’m a clutter bug, this is actually a low number)
  62. Get this emotional eating under control
  63. walk Across the brooklyn bridge
  64. See all 50 states
  65. Go to PARIS! (the city in France not the heiress)
  66. Advertise my business on MonticelloLive
  67. mail a secret to Post Secret
  68. Go to my 10 year law school reunion
  69. Go to my 15 year college reunion
  70. Go to my 20 year high school reunion (yes they all fall within the 1001 days)
  71. To complete at least 75 percent of my 101 in 1001 with the deadline of April 11, 2012
  72. See Conan O’Brien in concert
  73. Try the Moon pie from Capital Bar and Grill Done. It wasn’t nearly as great as I thought it would be.
  74. Go to Greece
  75. Eat, gaze at art, flirt with men, and buy shoes in Italy
  76. Participate in a protest
  77. Write a novel
  78. Have something published well I had a book review published in the Young Lawyers Section newsletter but I’m not sure I want to count that for this particular item. hrmmm)
  79. Own a T-Anthony all purpose tote in black with white leather accents. Seriously I saw this bag in Vogue about 3 years ago and I am still lusting after this freaking bag. It’s classic enough I could still buy it but on some level I can’t justify buying it.
  80. Read all the books on the Radcliffe list
  81. read all the books on the Modern Library 100 list for fiction
  82. Volunteer for a Presidential campaign
  83. See Aretha Franklin sing live (she is the real deal)
  84. See the 4th of July fireworks in Washington DC in person

The weekend: Me vs. Cheese

Today is October 10, 2010– also known as binary day. It was also the day that my friend Angela had planned on getting married. She died in early May so that didn’t happen. Her death rocked my world and definitely set forth a period of extreme introspection and some existential angst. (what the hell am I doing with my life, anyway?!?!?!)

This weekend I was determined to get out of the house and out of the mire of the funk that I have managed to let sit on me like dust. Clean that crap out. It’s not productive anymore. I’m going to have some fun.

So I woke up in the wee hours of the noontime and got on the road to meet my friend Ramona for the First Annual World Cheese Dip Championship. That’s right. An entire festival devoted to cheese dip.

Apparently the first cheese dip was created in Arkansas in the 30s for a Mexican Restaurant called Mexico Chiquito. It never occurred to me that everybody at some point didn’t throw a can of Rotel (a tomato and chili blend) and some Velveeta into a pot or bowl and heat that stuff up until it is gooey enough to put on chips. it’s just that ubiquitous around here.

So away we went. The event was slated to start at noon and last until nine in the evening. We got there at two and there were already stations running out of chips.

Danger danger.

That didn’t sway us. We discovered that the two cheese dip powerhouses in Arkansas Stoby’s restaurant and Mexico Chiquito were more than prepared for chips. So we kept getting in those lines and loading up on chips to use to try the other dips.

Mexico Chiquito and Stoby’s were serving the same dips that they serve in their restaurants and they were tasty as ever. Mexico Chiquito is a cheese based dip with spices instead of chunks of tomatoes and peppers so it’s smooth as opposed to chunky. Stoby’s isn’t really spicy but is more creamy cheese goodness.

So the round up.

Ferneau made a crawfish and green chili dip that tasted amazing. It was, however, chunky enough that I wanted to eat it with warm flour tortillas and in that sense considered it some sort of rogue faux fundido (like the fajita chicken and cheese dip concoction that gets called “pollo fundido” at my local mexican place). While I loved it, I couldn’t in good conscious consider it cheese dip.

There was a Tanqueria at the end but there’s was just too runny. Sorry.

There was a local chapter of the Sweet potato queens who served this dip with meat in it that was just pretty tasty. They called themselves Hogs and … err something. I forget. I didn’t take notes.

There was a spinach based cheese dip in the amateur division that had the combination of tomatoes, chilis, cheese, and spinach that was just yummy. Oh I discovered from another blog that it was from an insurance company called Meadors/Adams. it was gosh darn tasty. (thanks Arkansas Foodies)

Dizzy’s had a cheese dip that also got you a dollop of these great salsa on top of it. It was one of my favorites. The salsa itself was so good that I almost wanted to go back and ask for a serving of that by itself.

Apparently, they ran out of cheese dip around 3:30. I got the last non alcoholic beverage at the whole event around 3 o’clock.

Somehow in my very focused quest to get the last non-alcoholic beverage (A Dr. Pepper), I missed some sort of racial smackdown or altercation or something that ended up with one woman crying. I missed crying. How did in the hell did I miss crying? The only thing I remember is hearing “it’s 2010” See guys, I was really, really thirsty.


After we were stuffed, we went to see Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. It was okay. I didn’t hate it but I was bored enough that I checked twitter halfway through the movie. This was the first time in my entire life that I have done that. It showed me the charisma of Michael Douglas. He stole the scene in every scene he was in. I was enchanted by Carey Mulligan’s pixie cut. I’m not sure if that’s a sign of the overall boringness of the movie or the stunningness of Ms. Mulligan’s hair. I’ll leave that up to you. So I give it a MEH!

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