Someone on Twitter asked about Halloween music that was upset enough for running. I don’t remember who but I do have some songs that are creepy and have a pace worthy of a good jog. Here we go.

  1. Thriller by Michael Jackson. This is a “duh” song for Halloween. It has a rap by Vincent Price. The video includes dancing zombies. What’s not Halloween about this song.
  2. Zombie Jamboree by Rockapella. OKay it has many versions,including Harry Belafonte and the Kingston Trio, but I am picking this one. It’s about Zombies having a party in a cemetery.
  3. Country Death Song by the Violent Femmes. IT’s about a father who throws his daughter down a well.
  4. Ghostbusters theme by Ray Parker Jr. Yeah you know this one. I’m not including the video. I ain’t afraid of no ghost. It’s Synthesizertastic.
  5. Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. It’s the theme to the Exorcist.
  6. Monster by Fred Schneider. THis is Fred Schneider’s solo effort. This video is also one of the first videos to be either banned or regulated to late, late night by MTV.
  7. Lotion in the Basket by Greens Keepers. This is a catchy little tuned based on Jame Gumb from Silence of the Lambs. Yes Precious, it gets the hose.
  8. Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Cryptkickers. IT’s a classic for Halloween.