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Sometimes, Melissa runs her legs. Sometimes, she runs her mouth.

STRESS KILLS…. or makes you vomit.

Sometimes in life, you want to slap the living shit out of a person. Sometimes in life, you want to slap the living shit out of more than one person. Of course, these people aren’t worth getting assault charges and possibly losing your law license. So you hold it in.

And that makes for a killer headache. That mean nasty bitch slapping rage monster will eat through your brain and try to drill it’s way out of your head through your skull. And oh the head is HURTING. OWEWW. FUCK. KILL ME NOW… No wait.. make it stop

And then you vomit. A lot. You scare the cat. Then the cat feels all sorry for you and lays beside you by the toilet and seems to say in his little meows, “It’s okay honey, I get hair balls too.” and its’ the sweetest thing you’ll ever experience in your life.


Then you’ll go back to sleep and sleep all day. Or a big chunk of the day. Then you’ll wake up crazy hungry.

And your cat will look for you because he knows that sleeping all day is messed up.


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  1. I’m at the stressed enough to puke point, but haven’t actually hurled. Right now I’m just walking around with a sour look on my face.
    Sorry about the stress. Hopefully it will pass soon.

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