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Day 2: Listy fresh, slacker stale: More things about me than you ever wanted to know, an introduction

Day two of the 31 Day Blog challenge said “Make a list post” Well I do list quite a bit. Of course, considering that it’s two in the morning, I am cheating and redoing my “about me” with this list. So yeah. cheating

Oh yeah I also agreed to do this flashback thing. Yeah It’s already August 5th. Yeah I should be writing SOMETHING every day. Yeah I should be on day 5 by my own …

No wouldas, couldas, shouldas. I’m writing now.

So this is the “about me” list. Or something. It’s more of an outline.. err.. something. Or Multiple Lists. yeah yeah. Complete with some flashbacks. How about that!!! I am multi-talented. Okay, I’m full of crap, but let’s go with it.

Oh and I think the official Secret in the Sauce Blogger challenge is on day 25 or something like that. But I’m going the distance. I’m
Oh wait. here we go. Let’s call the an introduction. YEAH.

  1. I am a female
  2. I am thirty something
  3. My name really is Melissa
  4. My friend Jennifer from college used to call me “merlisserrrrr” and sometimes I have taken that as an “internet name”
  5. I’m tall
  6. I am fat but I used to be thin and I am determined to be thin again. Or well thinner than I am now
  7. I stress eat sugary stuff. I’m thinking if I can conquer that I should be thinner than I am now even if I am seriously wondering about my metabolism.
  8. I like running. I even like running now with me being all fat and junk.
  9. I like yoga, too
  10. my favorite color is purple.
  11. I like both cats and dogs. I can’t really say which I like more because they both have their charms.
  12. I have completed two half marathons.
  13. I’m a native Arkansan.
  14. I lived in Washington DC for 5 1/2. Not the area but the actual District of Columbia.
  15. I once went to Kenya to help build a school.
  16. I really really really really want to go back to Africa.
  17. I also really want to finish a marathon before I die.
  18. I like lists. In fact, I have a rather long extensive bucket list.
  19. I started going gray very early in life and had a noticeable gray streak by the age of 34.
  20. My grandfather was one of 14 kids.
  21. My father was one of six kids. They’re all opinionated as hell. Oh the family fueds.
  22. My Mom’s mom grows cotton. Or rather rents out her land so others can grow cotton and soybeans. Sometimes they grow corn on it. She hates that.
  23. The highlight of 2010 so far is seeing Conan O’Brien and hanging out with my friend Tiffany, who let me crash at her house since i don’t live in Tulsa.
  24. The low point of 2010 so far is when my dear friend Angela, whom I’ve known since Kindergarten, died.
  25. I’m an attorney
  26. I’m a solo practitioner, which means I have my own office.
  27. I like that alright. I am not too keen on the small town I am living in right now.
  28. I am looking for a new opportunity (job…etc. right now)
  29. I have one much larger yet younger brother
  30. As a kid, I played piano and did so well I went to college with a piano scholarship
  31. I put on my own recital my senior year of high school. I played five different songs from the five major “musical eras” all by memory.
  32. Let’s pad this list, shall we? The songs were (1) Prelude and Fugue No. 2 by J.S. Bach from his Well Tempered Clavier (2) Sonata Op. 27 No. 2 (“Moonlight” sonata) by Ludwig van Beethoven (3)Impromptu in A flat Op. 29 by Frederique Chopin (4)La Fille aux Deveux de Lin by Claude Debussy and (5) Second dance from ” Tres danzas argentinas” by Alberto Ginastera
  33. I’m single
  34. I’m an abysmal failure when it comes to Romantic relationships
  35. I like to read
  36. Three of my favorite books are “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabakov; “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner; and “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” by John Berendt
  37. I like to watch movies
  38. Three of my favorite movies are Splendor in the Grass, Bring It On, and Pan’s Labrynth
  39. I choose Diet Dr. Pepper over Pepsi or Coke
  40. I drink so much Diet Dr. Pepper that I predict I will die from whatever health complications result from drinking too much Diet Dr. Pepper
  41. My favorite bookstore is Kramerbooks in Washington DC
  42. I love Indian food so much that if it were a man, I’d marry him without a prenup. (that’s love y’all)
  43. I do not cook very well. More likely than not, I will burn something. I’m great at burning food.
  44. I am currently listening to “Caramel” by Suzanne Vega
  45. The last book I read was Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia (P.S.)
  46. I spent the summer of 2000 in New York. It was an experience of a lifetime.
  47. Those car decals that depict “Calvin” from Calvin and Hobbes peeing something really annoy the crap out of me. I will think less of you if you have one.
  48. Also, I hate “GIT R DONE” HATE IT!
  49. I attended President Clinton’s second Inauguration
  50. I’ve seen Aretha Franklin perform Live (DO THIS!!!)
  51. The day of my first law school exam, someone burglarized my apartment.
  52. I’m a crime magnet, apparently.
  53. Car stolen!
  54. Car broken into!
  55. Car hit by a drunk driver! (okay sideswiped)
  56. Dog not on a leash killed my cat attempting to eat it. (bad Rottweiller)
  57. Sexual assault (okay that one is not nearly as amusing)
  58. Some would say that is all karma for working in criminal defense
  59. I like cheese. A LOT!
  60. I also like chicken mole
  61. I think Veronica Mars should have never been cancelled.
  62. I think the Sookie Stackhouse books are overrated.
  63. Sometimes I think I am the posterchild for this article.
  64. I love playing games — like Scrabble and that Mafia Wars game on facebook
  65. By the way, Facebook has kept me sane living in the crazy small town
  66. I first discovered people writing about themselves online via Pamela Ribon when she had an online journal called Squishy
  67. I was a psychology major in college. Well I started out a music major.
  68. I was either going to be a criminal profiler or a jury consultant.
  69. I ended up just being a lawyer instead.
  70. I’m a twitter fiend. I love that stupid little thing. I’ve met some great people on there too.
  71. And I’m now tired of doing this list so I’m going to quit.

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  1. Stopping by fom SITS. Enjoyed your list.

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