I was surfing around on the net and found the SITS girls and thought I would look around. They are doing the 31 day ProBlogger challenge. (oh wait, the actual link to the 31 day ProBlogger Challenge is here) I thought I would play along.

Day One: Write an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is supposed to help others understand the blog as well as “draw them in.” Eh, I’m not sure I care if people read or not. Okay I care a little bit or I’d be doing this in a moleskin book. then again I do have friends in a lot of places.

Okay here we go.

I’m a thirty-something single lawyer, runner, food and animal lover with a penchant for self improvement as well as running her mouth as well as her legs and this blog is where I leave my notes.

The only problem with that is that even though I’m a lawyer, I rarely, if ever, write about the law on here. There are attorney client privilege concerns and there are also concerns that someone will find my post via google and by the time he or she finds it, it will no longer be good law. That bothers me.

But a person’s job does give a hint as to a person’s soul. It shows an interest. It implies a certain level of intellectualism and intelligence. (okay now I’m expecting flames of antecdotes of the “idiot lawyer” that you or YOU may know).

Hrm…. but I missed the point where I like to read books and watch fancy pants and trashy movies. Or that I have perfectionism streak which leads to angst and insecurity.

One woman’s outlet to prevent killing and maiming the world at large. Hee. that makes me sound absofuckinglutely nuts. It’s dangerous. people will wonder if I will find their physical address via their IP address and hack them to bits.

Okay probably not.

Gosh this is hard.

“This blog is like a bulletin board where I put all thoughts on it like post-it notes”

heh. yeah but it’s close to another blog’s tagline.

A thirty something attorney with a wide variety of interests who likes to run her legs as well as her mouth.

Eh that’s going to be it.

Well I run my mouth as well as my legs. There you go.