An old man and his son in the frontier West awoke to find a section of their fence had broken and all their horses had escaped. The son said, “Well isn’t that rotten luck!’ The old man replied,”Maybe. Maybe not.”

The next morning they awoke to find their horses had returned and had brought with them 10 wild horses that had followed them home. The son said,”Well isn’t that wonderful!” The old man replied,”Maybe. Maybe not.”

That afternoon, while trying to break the new horses, the son was thrown and broke his leg. The son said, “This is terrible!” The old man replied,”Maybe. Maybe not.”
The next day, while the son lay recuperating, a group of soldiers came by the homestead rounding… See More up all able-bodied young men to go and fight in the war. They passed the young man by because of his broken leg.

Things happen to us all that at the time may seem tragic, at other times wonderful. We don’t always understand God’s plan for us. Sometimes we can see it in retrospect, but often we remain in the dark. Learn to trust that everything happens for a reason, and that even when we don’t “get it”, God does.

(this was one of my Facebook friend’s status messages)