It’s 1:08 on Tuesday morning. So yeah I’m up late. I have some low level allergies that messes with my head which messes with my sleep schedule. I’ve also been busy at work and life.

  1. I won something that I thought I’d lose. It’s always a pleasant surprise when you find out that you have underestimated your abilities. Or heck, pleasant surprise when you have just lucked out!
  2. I finally replaced my Nike + iPod. This made me happier than being the next contestant on the Price is Right.
  3. I am excited about seeing this movie: Summer House. Both Blake Rutherford and Jennybee liked it. Both of them like fancy pants movies. They saw it on the same day at the same theater. They may have even seen it at the same time. NO, as far as I know, they don’t know each other.