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Cat photos!

I love taking pictures. It’s fun to look at something and then capture it with a camera. Since digital makes taking multiple shots inexpensive, I have been fearless in my snapping abilities and have managed to get a decent eye for a good shot.

Tuffy of the jungle

This is my cat sitting in the front yard. Isn’t it awesome? I like how it’s all green foliage with my cat in the middle.

Kittens in a box.

These are some kittens found in a box in my parents old house. The house itself is empty except for boxes of stuff. They moved from a 2 story house with a lot of square feet to a fairly small one story house. I needed one of my old law textbooks and heard this loud cat noises and found these kittens in one of the empty boxes. They appeared to be days — maybe weeks old. A couple of them still had shut eyes. They appeared to be fed so I left them there and was going to check on them daily. The next day one of them was very weak. It died later that day. Today, there are only two left. They are with my brother now.

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  1. The pics are cute but I am so sorry that some of the kittens didn’t make it. Did their mother return to them?

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