Sometimes, life is amazing. My geometry teacher’s son won a Pulitzer prize. That’s just wild. Kudos.

The Arkansas Literary Festival was a lot of fun. I attended a fundraiser for the Arkansas Shakespeare theater Friday night which was also fun. It wasn’t nearly as well attended as I thought it would be. IN fact, it was spare but I did have a good time and am glad I went. I think the Arts are important and will continue to support them. I will write about this in more detail later. It deserves so much detail. Will I ever have the time?

Will gay marriage still work as a Republican wedge issue? A whole bunch of people including Jay Barth weigh in.

I rue the day I joined TweepMe

The Arkansas Project gives a round up of all the people who may or may not run against Blanche Lincoln for senate. The graphic at the top is hilarious enough to warrant a click. It’s very Jib Jab-y.

Going to watch Chuck. I love this show!