A criminal defense attorney in Louisiana was stabbed 38 times by her own husband. RIP Compadre

Yesterday I woke up after 3 hours of sleep and went to a CLE on criminal law. It was entertaining and educational. You can’t get much better than that. There were also a lot of Star Trek references. I was too tired to stay in touch which disappointed. I at least wanted to catch upon my movie watching. I haven’t seen The Reader among other things. A storm was coming so it probably was for the best.

The old 97s are coming to Tulsa. I’m excited even if you aren’t.

I have discovered food gawker. It’s food porn with links to the recipes. Now it’s time to cook.

There’s a 5K next weekend in town. I’m a running.

Tomorrow is also the beginning of BIRTHDAY WEEK! This might be the beginning of “over the hill” ness over at Merlisser land. What age is considered “TOP OF THE HILL” anyway. Yes there will be birthday week perks!