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Month: November 2008 (page 2 of 2)

Smiling through sunburn.

Smiling through sunburn.

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I told you I got crazy sunburn election day. This has been a crazy week. I have endured sleep deprivation, medication withdrawal, euphoria, exhaustion, and nausea. Oh and the catchup rush when I got back to real life here.

I haven’t had time to write it all down. There’s something about being in the midst of something so large and historic that you want to get everything down just so. Of course, perfectionism has its drawbacks like procrastination (here!). So I have not written about it yet.

Running log

Due to all the election craziness, I didn’t get the weekly mileage in according to the Little Rock Marathon training page. So instead of 8 miles, I ran 10. And that is pretty much all the running I did all week.

This is surreal

2 years and 1 day ago, I uploaded this picture to flickr. This was taken at a get out the vote rally for now Governor Mike Beebe.

Now I think. WOW. Did I call it when I drove like a crazy woman from my town to the capital to see this? He’s President now and I was pretty gosh darn close. I mean… WOW!

I’m feeling a little Forrest Gump-y right now.

Halloween party recap

Sorry folks. I managed to leave my camera at home. As a result, I do not have any fabulous pictures of my Rizzo costume. I was an awesome pink lady by the way.

It was a mix of lawyers, psychiatrist, famous writers, and other folks. (mainly mental health professionals. OYEZ) but it was still fun anyway. There was karaoke, food, drink, conversation, and a little bit of dancing around. Oh and costumes. Yeah some people had costumes and some didn’t. I guess that’s like all Halloween parties.

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